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Who is Dave Ramsey Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Christian personal finance guru and staunch antilock advocate Dave Ramsey hosted a 1,000-person “Boots and BBQ” Christmas party for employees at his Tennessee-based company, allegedly encouraging workers not to wear masks.


The indoor party was held at Ramsey Solutions’ headquarters in Franklin on Saturday night, the Nashville Stage reported.


The party was reported to be so large that guests were given maps on arrival to guide them to the event’s various open bars, a pop-up casino, and the ‘silent disco’ area where they had to drink and dance together throughout the night.


Outside the venue were eskimo houses, sweet food trucks, and horse and carriage rides on offer.


An employee of the event told Sahne, that at least 1,000 guests – the vast majority not wearing masks – were inside the building with a few dozen workers.


Speaking on the grounds of anonymity, the worker claimed that Ramsey Solutions told them that the workers did not wear masks or gloves in order to “not disturb” the guest.


The worker claimed that “[social] distance is absolutely not practiced”. “It was most of the people I saw gathering in a year … it was a little strange.”


Dave Ramsey is a highly influential figure in personal finance, with an audience of over 17 million radio and podcast listeners – mostly Christian – where he routinely preaches COVID-19 conspiracy theories.


According to Tennessean, at staff meetings and show, Ramsey spoke of lockdown measures as ‘totalitarian’ and urged listeners not to ‘be ruled by fear’ or fall into the ‘deceit’ of wearing masks and rising death rates.


When the pandemic first started in March, Ramsey kept the company’s offices open, and staff continued to work on the construction site despite a few positive employees.


The company allowed staff to work from home during the first weeks of the pandemic if preferred, but asked them to return to the corporate headquarters since May.


Ramsey Solutions also does not require a mask to be worn in their offices. Dave Ramsey himself had said earlier that he wanted to “start a crusade” against mask missions.


In total, about 100 employees of the company tested positive for COVID-19.


About 50 of this number were reported in mid-November, Armando Lopez, Executive Director of Human Resources at Ramsey Solutions, told staff on November 13 as reported by Tennessean.


Statewide, Tennessee had the highest increase in cases over a 24-hour period on Sunday – the day after Ramsey’s party – with 11,352 reports of new infections.


Since March, at least 5,462 Tennesse people have died of COVID-19, and more than 2,600 people are currently hospitalized for the disease.


Despite the disturbing surge, cars reportedly stretched from bumper to bumper for almost two miles outside Ramsey Solutions’ headquarters on Saturday night.


A special security details were reported to be deployed outside to ensure that only invited guests were allowed entry, while several local media outlets reported being ‘escorted’ from the company seeking to keep prying eyes away from the party.


According to Scene, a reporter taking videos of the lines of the cars was reportedly looking like a security vehicle and following the interstate from the company’s headquarters.


Most catering companies and serving staff said they felt obliged to serve at the party for fear of losing future contracts at a time when incident companies were beginning to disappear due to the ongoing epidemic.


Workers were reportedly given limited information by the company prior to the holiday party, but reportedly preferred not to wear masks or gloves to avoid “disturbing” the guests.


One worker said that whatever happens, the majority of staff still prefer to wear them. Although there were also a pile of masks given to the guests at the entrance of the party, few allegedly obliged the offer.


Local and state officials did not intervene to enforce the social distance rule during or outside the incident. It is unclear whether they are aware of the planned party.


Williamson County, hosted by the party, has a mask authority, although it only applies to businesses that do not include “public” areas and corporate offices.


A spokesman for the state health ministry confirmed that the agency ‘will not have any authority’ over the incident, as it is done on private property.


There is currently no restriction on meetings in the state. There are six counties, including Nashville, but Williamson is not included.

Attempts to reach Ramsey Solutions by local media went unanswered. DailyMail.com has also not heard back.

However in an internal memo written to staff, company spokesperson Megan McConnell warned: ‘If and when you see controversial or negative things about Dave or RS on social, please do not defend us or engage with it. That just boosts the post’s visibility (and we’re not concerned about those people anyway).’

One attendee did share an image inside the party to Twitter, along with a picture of their event lanyard.

‘Maggie and I had were blessed to be @ the @RamseySolutions Christmas Party, last night!’ wrote Brytton Rogers. ‘Thanks to Dave, The Board, & the Christmas Team for hosting such an amazing event, as we close 2020!’

In one of the images shared by Rogers, he is seen posing with a woman in front of a Chr
istmas tree. Neither of the pair depicted is wearing a facemask.

Dave Ramsey is reportedly well known for throwing ‘legendary’ parties, according to the Tennessean.

This is also not the first large event his company has hosted during the pandemic. In July, Ramsey Solutions held its ‘Entre Leadership Summit’.

The event was originally scheduled to be held at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando, but Ramsey moved the event to its Franklin offices after the center informed the company of significant COVID restrictions, including mask checks and limited access to the pool and other amenities.

In a lawsuit later filed by Ramsey Solutions, they claimed the change of venue cost the company $10 million in lost revenue.

During a staff meeting after Thanksgiving, Ramsey reportedly continued his criticism of those who are ruled by ‘fear’ of COVID-19 and are ‘freaking out’ due to the pandemic.

‘They have got fear, they have trepidation on the COVID, they are scared to death about whether or not they are meeting all the social cues on fear and masks and temperature controls,’ according to a recording obtained by RNS.

By contrast, Ramsey assured workers that the company would not be ruled by fear.

‘Fear is not a fruit of the spirit,’ he reportedly said. ‘It is not on the list. And so, while sometimes I am afraid, I do not make decisions — and I do not let my behaviors be — dictated by fear unless it involves getting out of the way of a car that is coming toward me.’