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Dave Mondillo (Patriots Suspended videographer) Biography, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dave Mondillo Biography

Dave Mondillo Biography – WIki

Dave Mondillo is a former videographer of Patriots who broke NFL rules by filming the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline in Cleveland last week has been suspended by the New England Patriots.

Dave Mondillo Career

The Boston Globe reports Dave Mondillo, a longtime employee of Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s sports and entertainment company, was suspended last week after the incident became public.

NFL rules prevent teams from filming opponents’ sidelines during games. Mondillo was caught doing so during the first quarter of the Bengals-Browns game last Sunday, a week before the Patriots played the Bengals.

Patriots suspend videographer Dave Mondillo

Fox Sports has reproduced Footages that, show patriots who turned Cincinnati Bengali’s sidelines last week in an incident that led to another NFL investigation in New England.

The video that Jay Glazer of Fox Sports recorded and broadcast on Sunday appeared to have been recorded by Bengals security personnel. They seem to be catching the patriots who are admitting Bengals Bank, a practice prohibited by the NFL rules. During the clip, you can hear the security of the Bengals facing the cameramen, who apologize and repeatedly offer to remove the footage. “The damage is done, friend,” says one of the Bengals employees. According to Fox, the security of Bengals alarmed the NFL employees who confiscated the video.

When the first news of the video was released earlier this week, the patriots made a statement that the cameraman was filming one of New England’s advanced boy scouts for a series of documentaries on staff that can be found on the team’s website. , Patriots cameraman Dave Mondillo, described as a full-time employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, has been banned by Patriots owner Robert Kraft, according to Sunday’s Boston Globe.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • New England accused of illegally taping opponents
  • Patriots say they were making the documentary