Killed Her Best Friend: Darin Schimiller Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Indiana Millionaire, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Darin Schimiller Biography

Darin Schimiller Biography

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According to the indictment, disclosed by the local press, Denali Brehmer committed these crimes at the request of Darin Schimiller with whom she traded on social networks. The latter had pretended to be a millionaire and had promised the girl to pay him $ 9 million to “rape and murder someone in Alaska“.

Darin Schimiller Age

Darin Schimiller is 21 years old.


In May, Denali Brehmer recruited four friends – including two minors – to plan the murder . The group targeted Cynthia Hoffman, a 19-year-old girl with mental retardation.

According to her father, she had the mental age of a 12-year-old and considered Denali Brehmer her “best friend”.

On June 2, Denali Brehmer and one of her friends took the victim to the forest for a hike. Once there, they tied and gagged Cynthia Hoffman with tape and shot her in the head. The victim’s body was later thrown into the river northeast of Anchorage. Two other defendants allegedly attempted to burn Cynthia Hoffman’s business and sent deceptive text messages to her family.

Darin Schimiller Biography

For the duration of this macabre enterprise, Denali Brehmer communicated with Darin Schimiller via Snapchat, sending him several photos and videos. Cynthia Hoffman‘s body was found two days later.

The case does not stop there. Acting under the purview of the so-called millionaire, Denali Brehmer also sexually assaulted three children, 8, 9 and 15 years old. Again, she had sent photos and videos.

After finding the child abuse images on Denali Brehmer’s phone, the investigators discovered that she was also linked to Cynthia Hoffman’s assassination.

Denali Brehmer, his accomplices, and the fake millionaire Darin Schimiller have all been arrested and indicted on several charges including “first-degree murder”. Darin Schimiller and Denali Brehmer will also have to answer for pedophile acts. The fake millionaire, who lives in Indiana, will soon be extradited to the state of Alaska.

Darin Schimiller Arrested

Darin Schilmiller was arrested in New Salisbury after prosecutors said videos and text messages asking for child pornography were found on a murder suspect’s phone.

Federal prosecutors in Anchorage allege Schilmiller contacted the Alaska murder suspect, Denali Brehmer, asking her to create and produce child porn and send it back to him.

Police found text messages and videos on Brehmer’s phone where Schilmiller told the woman to sexually assaut two minors.

Schimiller is in federal custody and will be extradited to Alaska to face the charges.