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Darcy Krueger Bio

Darcy Krueger is from Florida. She is a student at Tampa Bay Homeschool. She went viral on social media after Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming dance event last Friday. She was not allowed from the Tampa Bay Homeschool authorities to enter her senior homecoming dance because she wore a jumpsuit instead of a formal dress.

Darcy Krueger Age

She is 17 years old

Darcy Krueger Swimsuit

Darcy, wearing a black jumpsuit, was barred from the dance by a private event organizer who deemed her outfit was a violation of the dress code.

Darcy told ABC Action News that she had previously gone shopping for a dress, but didn’t find one she wanted.

That’s when she chose to wear the jumpsuit instead.

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Melissa sympathizes with her daughter and couldn’t believe event organizers’ reactions.

‘She was dressed up and was appropriate so that’s frustrating because this like a memory now, you know,’ Melissa told ABC Action News.

‘As a mom, I was shocked. I thought there had to be a misunderstanding. What century are we in!? I was very upset… there was no one else to talk to,’ she told

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Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming Dance dress code

Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming shared the expected dress code on their Facebook page a few weeks before the dance.

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Tampa Bay Homeschool organizer Statements

The event organizer said a dress code online laid out the rules: Boys had to wear dress pants, button-down shirts and a tie. Girls had to wear semi-formal dresses, but not “dresses that are too revealing or simply too short.”

“I already had this in the closet and I was like, ‘Hey, this could totally work,'” Darcy Krueger said.

Because Darcy Krueger chose a jumpsuit, and not a dress, she wasn’t allowed in. She said she was told if she changed into a dress, she could be let into the dance, but she decided not to come back.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Darcy Krueger, 17, turned into became far from her senior homecoming dance due to the fact she wore a jumpsuit in preference to a get dressed
  • An occasion organizer reportedly refused to permit Darcy enter because her outfit violated the dance’s get dressed code
  • Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming’s dress code lists attire because the simplest option for girls, however does now not explicitly say jumpsuits aren’t allowed
  • Melissa Krueger, Darcy’s mom, shared pix of the outfit and expressed how disenchanted they had been on the selection
  • Social media users have rallied at the back of the Kruegers, praising them for speaking up about the state of affairs