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Who is Daniel Sims? (Compared to Dave Chappelle’s Facts) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Daniel Sims (Compared to Dave Chappelle’s Facts) Biography – Daniel Sims Wiki

Daniel Sims is the Alabama man who is being compared to Dave Chappelle’s fictional character Clayton Bigsby. Sims has been featured on TV protesting the removal of confederate monuments.

On August 13, the Sims’ video featured in a WHNT post in Huntsville, Alabama, went viral. This led Simms to be compared by multiple Twitter users to Clayton Bigsby, a blind African American who is the leader of a local Ku Klux Klan division.
Sims is referred to by WHNT as a member of Captain John Rayburn Camp 452 Sons of the Confederation. Sims told the station that his entire family was white because he was adopted by a white family at the age of three. “My grandfather was white and he was the one who fought the most in this war here, and he taught me everything I know,” Sims said. Said. Sims was in protest against a rally organized by an organization that wanted to remove the confederation monument from the Marshall County courthouse. The rally was organized by Say Names in Alabama.
At the same rally, Sims said by the Sand Mountain Reporter: “Instead of jumping the gun and talking about something you really don’t know anything about, ask a few questions before you hit us. The truth is here. It’s up to you to consider.”
According to Sims’ Facebook page, he lives in Albertville, Alabama and is a member of the Asbury Volunteer Fire Department. Sims studied at Gadsden State Community College. In the biography episode, Sims said she went under the nickname “Peasant Boy”. Sims identifies himself as a supporter of President Donald Trump.
In 2013, Grantland’s Rembert Browne named Chappelle’s drawing of Clayton Bigsby as comedian’s best work. “To successfully mock racism, you have to be extremely creative and capable,” said Browne. The most common mistake when trying to confuse satire with racist interpretation is that he is either too cautious or falling on the other side of the spectrum and emerging as racist on his own. “Sims said his blood will boil if the monument is removed and placed elsewhere.” Sims also said, “That monument does not kill a soul. He doesn’t talk bad to anyone. It’s not even racist. ”
Neal Brennan, co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, told Vulture in 2016 that the sketch was based on Dave Chappelle’s mixed-race and blind grandfather. Brennan said that while the duo were editing the episode, Def Jam’s Cey Adams told them “You’re in trouble.” Adams compared his sketch to the Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock, who used the word N during a performance at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Brennan went on to describe the sketch as a symbol of Chappelle’s Show, “You can almost feel the ripple effect. It is abrasive in the best possible way. “