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A man in Oregon who spat at a ‘frontline hero’ police officer four times and claimed to be infected with COVID-19 was sentenced to two years in prison.


Daniel Ray Stubblefield, 36, was arrested in Bend outside Portland on March 23 the day the state ordered to stay home with Class C misdemeanor charges for violators.


Police were summoned to a house after reports that an unwanted intruder had been attacked.


On arrival, officers saw that the Redmond resident was drunk and also issued two arrest warrants for his arrest for a different crime.


He then began coughing and spitting, claiming to be infected with the new coronavirus.


Upon arrival, the support workers placed him in a containment device with a saliva mask.


Upon entering the prison, the staff decided to transport him to St Charles Hospital, but during the transport the saliva mask was removed and Stubblefield deliberately blew air and coughed at the officer who was traveling with him.


Stubblefield admitted aggravated harassment and threats at the Deschutes County Circuit Court on Thursday and was sentenced to 24 months in prison as reported on


Three other cases against him were rejected as part of the plea deal.


Deschutes district attorney John Hummel said in March: “We’re not kidding. Our first responders, medical experts and retail officers are at the forefront of the war to save lives and win the war against COVID-19.”


He added: ‘If anyone in our community shoots to infect one of our frontline heroes and therefore potentially kill, I will use all the authority given to me by the people of Oregon to hold them accountable.’ Bend Source.


On Sunday, the coronavirus killed 298,000 in the United States and 1.6 million worldwide.


Since the arrival of the new coronavirus, numerous people have been arrested trying to arm potential infection against frontline workers and members of the public.


On December 5, 51-year-old Alton Ashby from Palm Bay, Florida, was arrested on charges of erratic behavior, alleging coughing, sneezing and spitting all over the Vero Beach Best Buy Geek Squad counter for refusing to wear a mask. .


When questioned by the police, Ashby was quoted as saying that he was ‘upset and had gone through a lot this year and walked away from the store’.


He was accused of erratic behavior.


Another 47-year-old man, Jason Copenhaver, was arrested on Treasure Island in Florida in August for entering a restaurant allegedly drunk and spitting in the face of a young boy who refused to take off his mask and told him, ‘Now there is the corona. As reported by Fox.


The penalties for the crime varied around the world.


In Saudi Arabia, in March, a man was warned that he could be sentenced to death after being arrested for spitting on wheelbarrows and doors in a shopping mall after his coronavirus test was positive.


The incident occurred in a shopping mall in Hail state, northern Saudi Arabia, and the unnamed suspect was later arrested after being seen by workers.


According to Gulf News, the man who was determined to be a foreign national despite his nationality was not disclosed, tested positive for COVID-19 while in custody.