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Daniel Phillip Baez Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram

Daniel Phillip Baez Bio, Daniel Phillip Baez Wiki

Daniel Baez, who lives in Hartford, was found in West Haven on Thursday, and on June 24, Windsor Locks was charged with the murder of young Elijah Ortega. According to the police, Ortega was shot twice and died in the hospital.

Baez was arrested at the Hartford High Court on Friday, where a judge raised Baez’s bond from $ 1 million to $ 1.25 million and ordered Baez to return to August 11.

Daniel Phillip Baez, 22, faces charges that include murder. Police say he shot and killed Elijah Ortega, 16, on June 24 in Pesci Park. Arrested without incident, Baez was being held on bail of $1 million and is to appear in court on Friday, police said.

The handgun used in the killing has not been recovered, police spokesman Lt. Paul Cherniack said.

A woman who helped arrange the confrontation between Baez and Ortega and appears to be the focus of their dispute was arrested earlier this week in South Carolina, police said. Sydney Witchard, 19, faces a charge of second-degree hindering prosecution.

Witchard was with Baez at the time of the killing and helped arrange the late-night meeting between him and Ortega, Cherniack said. Witchard and Ortega had dated at one time, police said.

Police have said two rival groups met in the park for a fight. Baez pulled out a .45-caliber handgun and shot Ortega more than once, police have said.

Witchard drove Baez and two other males to Windsor Locks in a 2006 black Lexus IS registered to Witchard’s mother in South Carolina, the warrant says. When Ortega and Baez came face to face in the park after 10 p.M., Ortega began to take off his hooded sweatshirt to fight, police say Witchard told investigators. But Baez then pulled a gun and Ortega said, “Oh (expletive),” and turned to run, police said.

Besides the murder, Baez is also accused of possessing a firearm, criminal use of a firearm and carrying an unauthorized pistol.

Speaking to the police about the shot, the witness, Sydney Witchard, was arrested in South Carolina on Wednesday. The police said that Witchard “deliberately obstructed the police efforts to find and catch Baez” and that when he returned to Connecticut, he would be accused of preventing second-degree prosecution.

The declaration supporting the arrest of Baez provides the following details:

On June 24, at 22:20, the police went to Pesci Park after receiving a shooting report. The police, who came to the park, was shaken by several people near the park’s basketball court as they tried to help Ortega. Ortega had multiple gunshot wounds and was transferred to Hartford Hospital, where he was said to have died by doctors.

According to the chief medical examiner’s office, Ortega was shot once in the chest and once on his left thigh.

Ortega’s sister was there during the shooting and was also brought to the hospital. The police talked to him in the emergency room. He told them on the day of the shooting that someone named “Danny” from his brother’s ex-girlfriend Witchard wanted to fight in Pesci Park.

When he and Ortega arrived there, he then walked to a man identified as Baez, who wore red shorts and a white shirt and almost immediately took out a gun. Ortega tied to escape, but according to Ortega’s sister, the man chased and armed him. Later Baez ran towards the chestnut street in the park and said he disappeared.

Another witness said that when he saw three men sitting at one of the picnic tables nearby, he was playing basketball in the park. When Ortega arrived, one of the men approached the youth, then pulled out a silver gun and fired it about five times. He also said he wore red shorts and a white shirt in the shooter.

During their investigation, the police were able to determine with the help of Baez’s Facebook account that he was the shooter he went under the name of “Lud Foe”.

Witchard accepted an interview at the Police Department and admitted that he drove Baez and his two friends to Pesci Park on the day of shooting. He announced that he knew that Baez and Ortega wanted to fight each other.

He told the police that he left Baez near the park, but later parked the car on Kestane Street and entered the park inside himself. ‘He saw Baez hit Ortega while he was there,’ Witchard said. He never saw the gun, but raised Baez with both hands and saw it in a shooting stance, pointing the direction of Ortega. “Flashes and gunshots followed,” he said.

Witchard told the police that when Baez pulled out his gun, Ortega was trying to escape, but Baez chased him. The police argued that the realization of the fire was due to Ortega disrespecting a close friend of Baez, who angered Baez, who died recently.

After being hit, Baez and his two friends returned to one of their homes, where he appeared to escape the fanny pack that Baez wore.