Daniel Maples Fired after viral video, Ted Todd Insurance Employee, Florida Maskless Man

Daniel Maples Fired after viral video

Yet another video of a store encounter featuring a maskless individual amid the novel coronavirus pandemic has gone viral.

Apparently, more than a week ago, the last filmed at a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida showed a man in a red “Running the World Since 1776” t-shirt, where he felt “threatened” as he approached his alleged source. threatening.

The video was shared by movie director Billy Corben and was viewed more than five million times by people online.

Corben wrote the event “Managing the World Since 1776”, the Florida man in Fort Myers Costco, to the old woman who asked him to wear a mask and the man who defended #BleaseFlorida, ”Corben wrote. “This happened on Gulf Coast Town Center on 6/27, and one of the customers said: ‘They accompanied him to give credit to Costco and they waited inside and watched it until I left, and I care for me to make sure I’m good.

The video started out by someone outside the camera saying, “Six meters away from you.”

“You’re [inaudible] harassing me and my family,” the man in the red shirt replied.

“I feel threatened,” he shouted. “Press it back! Threaten me again. Damn back and download your damn phone!” At this point in the video, you can hear a woman speaking in the background if you listen closely. She says to him. Twitter Sleuths is a Florida man and Ted Todd Insurance immediately. identified as an insurance agent, Daniel Maples.

According to a Twitter user, the man at one point is Daniel Maples, an insurance vendor who works for Ted Todd Insurance. Ted Todd Insurance, according to his Twitter page, “provides home, auto, commercial (and) retirement products in offices in Florida.”
A search for the company website for Daniel Maples says that the page is no longer available to him, and that Maples’s Linkedin page no longer appears even though it appears under a Google search. Ted Todd Insurance said he fired an anonymous employee.

The company announced that they had fired an employee they did not name, but whose behavior they said was “in direct conflict with our company values”.

The company said, “There is a danger of threatening behavior and intimidation against our core mission, such as being trusted advisors in our community. We are also committed to an instant review of our current culture at TTI. We would like further feedback to HR@tedtoddinsurance.com. ”

“I would like to thank everyone for their awareness and comments about a former employee at Ted Todd Insurance. Their behavior in the video directly contradicts our company values ​​and his employment has ended. ”

Charley Todd, CEO of Ted Todd Insurance, said the former employee “absolutely does not represent our values ​​and does not work at our agency”.