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Who is Daniel Horton (Raafat Maglad Suspect) Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Daniel Horton (Raafat Maglad Suspect) Wiki – Daniel Horton (Raafat Maglad Suspect) Biography

A knife stabbing a 70-year-old Muslim prayer leader in one of Britain’s largest mosques was sentenced to more than seven years today.


Daniel Horton, 30, cut off the muezzin Raafat Maglad from his neck at the London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park, northwest of London, on February 20.


Horton, a Muslim who had previously asked the judge to imprison him to ‘learn the Qur’an by heart’, refused to leave his cell today due to his sentence.


While Mr. Maglad received first aid and an ambulance was called, the terrified ones rushed to squeeze the attacker.


While the mosque was evacuated after the attack, others took to the street.


The father of three, who prayed five times a day, returned to the mosque 24 hours after the attack, after being treated at the hospital for a 1.5 cm stab wound.


Speaking after the stabbing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was ‘deeply sorry’ about the attack and repeated the comments made by Mr Maglad himself.


Mr. Maglad was a prayer at the funeral of Dodi Fayed, who was killed alongside Diana, Princess of Wales in the 1997 Paris car crash.


Southwark Crown Court heard that she was still suffering from pain and illness, and had trouble “lifting a spoon in her mouth.”


In the victim’s blow testimony, Mr. Maglad said he had more than ten medical appointments and had shoulder surgery for injuries to his arm and shoulder.


In addition, the brutal attack damaged his vocal cords and affected his voice.


My role in the mosque involves prayer, singing effectively.


“My voice has been less powerful since the incident, and I can no longer fulfill the role properly,” said Mr. Maglad.


‘I ran to the side of the mosque because I can no longer fulfill the role properly.’


The muezzin said that his door was ‘always open’ for worshipers, but now he felt ‘scared’ and saw people by appointment only.


‘My memories of what happened are always in the back of my mind like a nightmare,’ he said.


“This has affected my ability to pray properly and has been influenced by religious practice.”


Advocate Sam Blom-Cooper said: ‘He’s a man with paranoid schizophrenia. It has sections dating back to 2011.


It is quite clear that he is quite bored with the constant psychiatric impulses and exercises.


The instruction in my hand is that the prison is asking for a warrant – the hospital doesn’t want an order.


He wants to be punished, he wants to be punished for the damage he has done.


“He just wants to continue.”


While describing the attack, the lawyer added: ‘No attempt was made to carry out a frantic attack. There was a single blow.


The reason for the attack is unknown. There was something in Mr. Horton’s mind that made him feel like he had to attack him. ”


He said the victim’s rapid recovery indicated that the attack fell into the ‘subcategory’.


‘He was discharged four hours after hospital,’ added Cooper.


Judge Deborah Taylor said the attack was caused by ‘anger’ towards the prayer leader, despite Horton’s mental health problems.


“This is a particularly aggravating feature because you chose to attack by stabbing a muezzin in the neck during a religious ritual, in a sacred place,” the judge said.


Horton, a Muslim who had previously asked the judge to imprison him to ‘learn the Qur’an by heart’, refused to leave his cell today due to his sentence.


Without a fixed address, Horton had attended the mosque for several years and was known to the victim.


When he was arrested, he told the officers that he did not intend to kill Mr. Maglad, but to ‘send him a message’.


Horton, without a fixed address, admitted that he was injured with the intention of serious bodily harm and that he had a kitchen knife in his hand.


Previous convictions include two attacks on a police officer and a separate conviction of injury when Horton stabs a friend after an argument.


In April 2006, Horton threw a brick from his friend’s window. The couple quarreled when Horton grabbed his friend by the neck, threw him to the ground and stabbed him in the leg.


In October 2009, Horton was found guilty of defamation and possession of weapons in a public place.


In July 2009, police participated in a domestic violence incident in which Horton threatened his girlfriend with a knife and then attacked a police officer and broke his hand.


In August 2011, he was convicted of another domestic violence crime. When the police arrived, Horton spat in the faces of the two police officers and shouted that he was infected with HIV.

In December 2012, he was convicted for possessing firearms with intent after going to collect documents at a hostel where he was previously staying.

Horton was also convicted of harassment for sending threatening messages to his ex girlfriend when he threatened to burn her house down.

In 2016, he was convicted of possession of a knife or bladed article after a member of the public contacted police.

For his latest offence, he was jailed for seven years and three months, with an additional four years on licence.