North Carolina pastor who allegedly urinated on plane passenger: Daniel Chalmers Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
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North Carolina pastor who allegedly urinated on plane passenger: Daniel Chalmers Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Daniel Chalmers Biography

Daniel Chalmers Biography – Daniel Chalmers Wiki

Daniel Chalmers: The man who allegedly urinated on a woman on a Delta flight with him has been identified by police as a North Carolina pastor.

According to a police report, Raleigh’s Daniel Chalmers was arrested on October 13 after his plane from Las Vegas landed at Detroit Metro Airport.


Her fellow traveler Alicia Beverly claimed she woke up on the plane at around 2.45 pm and found a man peeing on her.


Early news reports described the perpetrator as a well-known ‘North Carolina pastor’ who reacted badly to a sleep aid and led to online speculation about his identity.


Chalmers admitted to the public in a statement received by FOX 2, after the police report was finally named on Tuesday after the publication.


“I want to sincerely apologize for what I did on the night flight,” Chalmers said. It was the first time I bought an Ambien to sleep well on my flight and I got a terrible reaction.


I’m very sorry that this affected everyone on this flight and especially one female passenger [sic]. I reached out to him and apologized to him too.


I would like to ask everyone for forgiveness on this matter, please. I never wanted or wanted this to happen. ‘


The police report states that Beverly warned the flight crew after her terrible wake-up call and left Chalmers. When asked what happened, “He pissed on me!” Said.


The flight attendants also told Chalmers “What did you do?” He asked and told him, “I pissed on him, I thought I was going to the toilet.”


When the airport police arrived at their destination in Detroit, Beverly got on the plane, and Beverly told the officers the story on her side.


According to the report, Chalmers initially denied the accusations and told the officers: ‘I’m a pastor, this is against my character and I didn’t do it’.


When he requested evidence of Beverly’s allegations, one of the officers told him that ‘the victim’s clothes were covered in urine and the seat was also’, adding that witnesses had also seen Chalmers standing directly above him.


The officer said that Chalmers, whose eyes were bloodshot and ‘a small, visually visible wet spot in the groin area of ​​his shorts’, smelled of alcohol. Chalmers also told the officers that he was on medication.


When Chalmers was taken off the plane and detained, he reportedly told the captain of the plane that he would sue Delta for “insult for his treatment.”


Chalmers later interviewed an FBI agent and received notice of a criminal assault before he was released.


Documentation obtained by FOX 2 showed that Chalmers consumed a 0.17 alcohol test for blood alcohol following the flight – twice the legal drunk driving limit. He told the police that he had two glasses before boarding the plane.


The Winston-Salem Journal reported that Chalmers was the chief pastor of the Love Wins Ministries in Raleigh and a staff member of the Raleigh-Durham Church in Catch the Fire.


The Love Wins Ministries website has several photos of Chalmers with his wife, Shara. A statement on the site reads: ‘Danny Chalmers passionately survives Jesus and has one purpose in life: to love like Jesus.’


Beverly, 28, described the bizarre incident in an interview with FOX 2 and said that a girl in Las Vegas suddenly felt warm liquid splashing on her while sitting next to her sister on her way home from her trip.


Beverly said, ‘I jump up and saw her private space outside and screamed and it woke everyone up,’ Beverly said.


Until then I have really looked at her and see her shaking herself and it’s like this guy pissed on me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats! ”


Beverly immediately stood up and screamed, waking everyone on the plane, including an off-duty officer who came and held the man.


She didn’t say anything the entire time she stood there, Beverly said, and then added that she had to sit in her wet clothes for a few hours before landing on the floor.


While talking about the impact of the incident, Beverly burst into tears and said she was left with severe anxiety.


I quit because I couldn’t stay yesterday, but I had to tell them why I should quit. It was too much ‘he said.


My anxiety was really high in every sense of the word. Since then, I’ve only slept four hours. ‘


Before Chalmers was revealed to be the pissing priest on Tuesday, rumors circulated around the internet claiming that the perpetrator could be Will Graham, grandson of famous television personality Billy Graham.


Will Graham took to Twitter to disperse the rumors on Friday and wrote: “People who don’t know me for some reason accused me of improper actions on a plane from Las Vegas to Detroit on October 12-13.”


The 45-year-old pastor who served as executive director of the Billy Graham Education Center in Cove and Associate Evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelist Association announced that he was in Charlotte, North Carolina when the incident occurred during the flight.


‘I was with colleagues and my family morning, noon and night. I was not on a plane, pure and simple, and I certainly wasn’t involved in the sort of thing they’re suggesting.’