Couple Accused of Killing 8-Year-Old Girl: Daniel and Ashley Schwarz Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Daniel and Ashley Schwarz Biography, Wiki

A couple from Odessa, Texas was charged with grand murder. Odessa Police Department accuses them of causing the death of their 8-year-old daughter by forcing them to jump on a trampoline in 100 degrees without water.


According to the girl’s obituary, an 8-year-old girl named Jaylin Anne Schwarz was less than a month away from her 9th birthday when she died; Daniel and Ashley Schwarz are identified in that obituary as Chris and Alysha Anderton, as well as their parents.


According to the Odessa Police, the Schwarz are currently awaiting murder charges in prison.

I want the world to know that I am NOT afraid to admit my faults and mistakes. Everyone has a right to understand why my…

Posted by Alysha Anderton on Thursday, October 15, 2020


He was born on November 10th, according to Jaylin’s obituary, to David Retherford and Alysha Anderton. The obituary stated that Jaylin enjoys being outside, skating and horse riding, and loves history and science. He also listed four of his siblings, two with the surname Schwarz and two with the surname Graham.


According to the CBS-7 ​​news station, Daniel and Ashley were not their biological parents, but their “guardians.” The Odessa American reported that Corporal Steve LeSueur of OPD said the Schwarz were not biological parents, but did not give any details beyond that.


On October 15, Anderton wrote a Facebook post explaining why Ashley Schwarz, whom she identifies as her half-sister, had two daughters instead. In this post, he explained that he had a drug problem, but said he had been clean for several years. “Everyone has the right to understand why my daughters were initially placed with my half sister. I am not perfect for anyone except God, and only He can judge me ”. So, there is nothing anyone can say about me that would hurt my feelings or embarrass me for not having beaten myself before. I am the biggest critic and nobody bears more blame than me. ”


Anderton posted a text message on Facebook on September 23 at 7:29 am to Ashley Schwarz asking why Jaylin hadn’t seen her sister in four years:


As I am sure you know, I came to take in Odessa with my cousin (name changed) last weekend. They didn’t let us take it because (name changed) he said he was afraid of me. He called me “The Bad One” and “The One Who gave birth to us.” I’m a monster for him now. So my question is … if you as a family pray for me every night, as you say, why is he afraid of me?


Ashley Schwarz responded by telling her daughters that she didn’t speak badly about Anderton. All we tell them is that you made bad choices but you love them. We never talked badly about you because we hoped you would be cleansed… ”He later repeated that they never talked about him in a horrible way.


Anderton messaged Schwarz that he had been clean for more than two years and had met the conditions to get his children back, but he felt disconnected from Schwarzes and his children.


Have you ever tried contacting me to find out? You changed your phone number, blocked me on Facebook, refused to see me on holidays and birthdays – you didn’t even allow these egirs to buy gifts from me and you moved to the other side of Texas … You have no idea how hard I am OUR deserve to see our girls across borders I’m trying to show you what I do. You haven’t reached me once to invite me to your family.


Please believe me when I say I am not trying to argue with you or put guilt on you… You can ask my mom and dad, I asked them to ask you every time I come on my holiday or birthday. Please I could be there and my answer was always no. He’s always been a firm NO, not “if he can only prove clean”. And because it was always saying no, I suffered so much and cried.


Listed as petitioner in a court document requesting custody or visit of a different child from Anderton, Texas Department of Family and Protection Services and Schwarzes; The document was submitted on June 18 this year. This court document lists a record showing that Anderton signed a declaration voluntarily waiving parental rights in 2017.

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According to the police, Daniel Schwarz, 44, and Ashley Schwarz, 34, punished Jaylin by preventing him from eating breakfast and telling him to jump on the trampoline without stopping outside. When Jaylin stopped, the police said his family had told him that he could not drink any water even though it was incredibly hot.


“Later, a search warrant was issued and the temperature of the trampoline read about 110 degrees and the ground was about 150 degrees,” the police said.


On August 29, 2020, a medical call came from the residence and police found Jaylin unresponsive when he arrived at the scene and reported him dead, according to police. The autopsy revealed that he died of dehydration and his mode of death was listed as “murder.”


Police reported that both Schwarzes were arrested, charged with death, and placed in the Ector County Law Enforcement Center.