Dan Gasby Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife (B. Smith), Girl Friend Alleged

Dan Gasby Wiki, Dan Gasby Biography

Dan Gasby Wiki: Dan Gasby was born on March 10th, 1954 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, N Y City, United States. His real birth name Clarence Alvin Daniel Gasby. Dan Gasby parents were John and Louise Gasby. His father, John Gasby, was the field-house manager at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Born: Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYork City, United States
Spouse: B. Smith (m. 1992)
Marriage location: St Luke’s Lutheran Church, New York City, New York, United States
Children: Dana Gasby
Parents: Louise Gasby, John Gasby

Dan Gasby Biography

Dan Gasby married restaurateur Barbara Elaine Smith, better known as B. Smith, on December 23, 1992. Barbara Elaine Smith was born on August 24th, 1949 and is popularly known as B. Smith. She is an American restaurateur, model, author, and television host.

The couple first met more on Valentine’s Day. Gasby, who has been a longtime supporter of Black-owned businesses, was a patron of B. Smith’s restaurant.

Gasby took his then-wife to B. Smith’s restaurant for Valentine’s date when Smith was checking on customers on her usual rounds.“When I saw her, I said to myself, ‘I wish I had someone in my family who had that type of class and presence,” Gasby said.

After that meeting, Smith would go on to marry former HBO executive Donald Anderson and get divorced a while later. Gasby has a daughter, 32-year-old Dana Carlisle Gasby, from his previous marriage.

Gasby and Smith later met each other in New York. After a flirtatious moment, they began dating. They had their first date on May 5, 1992, and months later, they were married.

Dan Gasby Career

Gasby was the senior vice president of marketing at Camelot Entertainment Sales Inc., In 1992, The company is a syndicator of TV programs in N York City now known as King World Productions and incorporated into CBS.

He, later on, started a career at a UHF TV station in Tennessee. He was also the executive producer of Essence Awards on CBS and the creator of Big Break, a talent show hosted by the late Natalie Cole. The show, considered a predecessor to American Idol, launched the careers of Eric Benét and R. Kelly.

Smith and Gasby became partners in life and business, with him turning her into a lifestyle maven. He has built the B. Smith brand with her TV shows, books, home goods collection, and more.

Gasby created and produced her lifestyle show, B. Smith With Style, in 1996 and was also the publisher of her self-titled magazine.

Gasby is the CEO of B. Smith Enterprises Ltd, which managed her spouse’s many restaurants. His daughter Dana also worked in the company until 2015.

Dan Gasby B.Smith’s Primary Caregiver

In 2014, Smith revealed that she had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. That same year, Gasby had reported her missing before she was found the next day.

Before diagnosis, Smith showed symptoms of the disease. An eminent moment occurred on air when she appeared on the Today show. It was Dana who first suspected her stepmother might have Alzheimer’s.

Since her diagnosis, Gasby has taken care of his wife day in day out. Since her restaurants and lifestyle brand were closed, Gasby dedicated himself to spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s.

He has since championed Alzheimer’s research and joined the American Brain Foundation Board of Directors.

Gasby regularly posts updates on Smith’s health on his social media accounts. He doesn’t hold back on the saddening details that come with his wife’s disease, either. He has always stated that his aim is to highlight what families and caregivers go through when their loved ones are suffering from Alzheimer’s and to encourage the caregivers.

Dan Gasby Alleged Girlfriend 

Gasby and Smith have not separated and are still married, he received wild criticism from the online community for stating that she has a girlfriend.

Gasby, 64, revealed in a Facebook post in December that he is in a relationship with Alex Lerner, 53, sparking a negative response from those who see it as inappropriate while his wife battles Alzheimer’s.

“To steal the title from 50 Cent & The Game“Hate it or Love it!” he wrote next to a picture with Lerner. “You can debate, but for me I’m just feelin’ great! Life’s to short to ask for a rebate so I’m gonna surf thru life before it’s toooo late!!!#whylie

Gasby has faced criticism for his relationship with Lerner, mixed in with support.

“You don’t bring your mistress in the house where your WIFE lives. She’s not dead,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

“Dan you stay strong,” another wrote. “No one can live your life but you.”

Gasby fired back at the critics with a Facebook post on Monday in which he addressed the “idiots and ignorant people calling for my arrest and saying B is or has ever been abused.”

“I only wish someone in your immediate family has Alzheimer’s so you can see feel and experience the pain of millions of people across this country so you can know first hand what it’s like to care 24/7/365 for someone who can no longer care for themselves!” he wrote. “B. Smith’s worst day is 10x better than you’ve experienced.

“I love my wife but I can’t let her take away my life!”