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Damir Yusupov Biography

Damir Yusupov Biography

Captain Damir Yusupov brought the Ural Airlines Flight U1678 down in a cornfield with no power in either engine and with the landing gear retracted. Captain Damir Yusupov is the heroic pilot of a Russian jet that safely crash-landed in a cornfield carrying 233 passengers after gulls got sucked into its engines climbed back into the plane to call his wife after checking the damage.

Damir Yusupov Age

He is 41 years old

Hero Pilot Damir Yusupov

Captain Damir Yusupov of the Russian Ural Airlines’ Airbus A321 plane was hailed a hero for landing near Zhukovsky International Airport after birds got sucked into the plane’s engines

Damir Yusupov URAL Airlines Crash Landing

An engine fire on board forced the Captain Damir Yusupov to land the plane in a field near Zhukovsky International Airport in Moscow shortly after take-off.

Speaking to the media this evening, Captain Yusupov told how not long after the dramatic landing he got back into the cockpit and called his wife to tell her what happened.

The jet was taking off from the airport at 6.10am local time bound for Simferopol in Crimea when it suffered a double bird strike, causing one engine to burst into flames and the other to stop working.

He radioed the airport asking to make an emergency landing but was forced to ditch into a cornfield a mile away after realising he was not going to make it.

Captain Damir Yusupov was hailed as a hero for safely landing the aircraft without any fatalities and leaving 23 people with only minor injuries.

Comparing the Crash to the Miracle on the Hudson

Russian media immediately began comparing the crash to the Miracle on the Hudson, dubbing it the ‘miracle over Ramensk’.

Pilot Chesley Sullenberger successfully landed a plane on New York’s Hudson River in 2009 after hitting a flock of geese. All 155 people aboard the US Airways Airbus A320 were rescued by nearby boats with few serious injuries.

Captain Yusupov, who reportedly received treatment in hospital after the crash, told the Russian media he did not consider himself a hero and that he initially thought he would have to return to the airport until the second engine failed.

In total, 23 of the 226 passengers and seven crew on board were sent to hospital for minor injuries, though only one – a 69-year-old woman – required further treatment.

The Emergencies Ministry said that 74 people asked for medical assistance after the incident. Health authorities said 23 people, including five children, were taken to the hospital, but all but one were released following check-ups.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Ural Airlines Flight U1678 plane was taking off from Moscow’s Zhukovsky airport when it hit a flock of birds
  • Hero pilot Damir Yusupov brought the plane down in a cornfield, leaving 23 people with just minor wounds 
  • Captain Yusupov told how he climbed back into the cockpit shortly after the dramatic landing to call his wife 
  • One of the engines caught fire while the other one spluttered and then stopped working, Russian media says 
  • The crew emerged today to give a press briefing after many compared it to the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ in 2009