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Pregnant Missouri Woman Was Stabbed 20 Times: Damion Delgado Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Damion Delgado Biography – Damion Delgado Wiki

Damion Delgado is a 27-year-old Missouri man who is accused in the stabbing deaths of a pregnant woman and her fetus. She was stabbed more than 20 times in the head, neck, and abdomen region, the county prosecutor said in a news conference.

Prosecutor Tim Lohmar described the incident as “a very violent murder” but said he did not know why.


In reference to Amethyst Killian’s murder case, a male subject was arrested and charged with murder. St. Peters Police Department wrote on Facebook: Male, identified as 27-year-old Damion H / M O’Fallon (Missouri) Resident Delgado.


“Thanks to the hard work and determination of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, we were able to develop a suspect and enormous evidence in a matter of days. Delgado was charged with 1st Murder, 2nd Murder (for the unborn fetus) and the Armed Crime Case. Currently 1 million. being held in St. Charles County Prison for dollar bonds. ”


The victim, Amethyst Killian, was a 22-year-old pregnant woman from Missouri who disappeared and was found dead outside on a walk to the QuikTrip gas station and grocery store early in the morning of Thanksgiving.


Killian was known as “Ame” by loved ones. On Thursday, November 26th, St. Peters disappeared after walking to the supermarket in Missouri around 1 am. St. Peters, Missouri, St. It is a city in Charles County. She is five months pregnant, KMOV-TV reports.


Lohmar announced the accusations at a press conference on December 3. “On the evening of November 26, it was informed that the police was a missing young lady. This young lady is St. He lived in the city of Peters. They had two small children. ”


Lohmar said he was reportedly leaving to buy cigarettes. The next day his stepfather and boyfriend were looking for the victim, and one of them discovered his bag and then his clothes. The family members then moved to St. Peters contacted his police. Shortly after, the victim’s lifeless body was found hidden in the bushes.


He said it was “a tragic, tragic situation”. We have a young mother with two children who is also pregnant. “Lohmar, the unborn child also” died. ”


This was not a random act of violence. This was a targeted act of violence. “Delgado drove an Uber to the scene,” Lohmar said. He refused to specify why Killian and Delgado arranged for a meeting. He said they were involved in a “dangerous activity”.


The victim often communicated through an app on his phone called Text Now. The prosecutor alleged that the authorities had summoned the records to court and linked his last meeting to Delgado.


According to the prosecutor, he was seen in a surveillance video at a local gas station about 10 minutes before meeting the victim.


Lohmar said the victim and Delgado were connected online and arranged a meeting in the early morning hours that night. Other than that, there was no link between the victim and Delgado. Items were confiscated in Delgado’s house.


DNA analysis was done; Blood found on the knife, on the sidewalk, and on a nearby fence at the crime scene came back to an unknown man who was later identified to be Delgado, allegedly Lohmar. He said the baby was “a five-month-old fully developed fetus.”


According to the prosecutor, Delgado “has very little criminal history. By all accounts, these actions were at least unexpected. ”


On Facebook, Delgado-Gomez shared photos with his wife and child. The cover photo shows cartoon characters fighting with a knife and a hammer. Photos on Facebook show that she got married in 2017.


However, in early 2020, Delgado and his wife got divorced in a lawsuit he filed just two years after marrying him. According to court records, “TERMINATION DECISION AND DECISION OF THE MARRIED GIVEN; THEREFORE, THE PARTIES HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO END THE MARRIAGE; THERE IS A LARGE CHILD BORN FROM MARRIAGE. “Delgado was also given a protection order just one year after his marriage. His wife sought the order prohibiting him from harassing and pursuing him.” THE PROCEEDER WILL NOT ENTER THE WORK PLACE OR COME WITHIN 100 FOOTS OF THE INVITOR. THE PURCHASER MAY NOT TAKE, CONCEAL, TRANSFER, SELL, DAMAGE, BREAK OR DESTROY THE PROPERTY MUTUAL OR RENTED PROPERTY. THE DEFENDANT GIVES THE OWNERSHIP OF 2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER ”says the court records.


Previously on Facebook, Delgado tried to paint a picture of a rosy relationship.


A 2017 post showed a table set with glass of wine and portabello cork. “Having an amazing night with my gorgeous wife and little (daughter). I did Supreme Portobellos con Queso for both of us, 😍❤️ ”he wrote.


In the same year, he posted a picture of his wife and newborn baby at the hospital and wrote: “Here tonight, with two of the most wonderful people God has brought to my life; It comes with the feeling that I will cherish it forever. I never thought his plan would be this incredible. Every day was precious and the future will be remembered every moment. I cannot explain how important you are to me. You are the sun that wakes me up and the moon I sleep with. ”


Killian’s mother, Stacy Stelzer, shared a photo of her and said, “This is Ame Killian. She is my daughter. He left now for the gas station down the street and didn’t return. Please message me if you know where it is. Are you praying for good?


Ame and his mom were planning to cook a green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, according to Fox2Now, but he never appeared.


Before his body was found, Killian’s cousin, Gabrielle Tat, said, “Has anyone seen my cousin Ame Love Killian? She’s missing since 1:30 this morning. St. Peters MO (just below her home) to QT in Mid River. She walked in and has not been seen or heard since. Her mother could not track her phone because her phone was turned off. If anyone sees her, please let me know from myself or from Stacy Stelzer to her mother. ”


Stelzer described the efforts Killian went into getting lost in a Facebook post. He submitted the report of a missing person, checked hospitals, and checked prisons. “Anxiety affects me,” he wrote, stating that the market down the street was “a center for an 18-wheeled vehicle … This is not like him”.


Tat created a GoFundMe account to help Killian’s family; He raised more than $ 5,000.


“I financed this for my beautiful cousin Ame Killian, who passed away today. Ame disappeared on Thanksgiving morning and body path was found on Friday morning. It leaves 2 wonderful children behind ”says the page.


“Her mother can’t afford the funeral, so any help is highly appreciated. Plus I want to raise enough money to help support her children. (Killian’s daughter) She is a smart, talented, wonderful little girl 6 years old and will now grow up without her mother and (Killian’s son. ) A handsome, intelligent, loving little boy 11 months old, he will never get the chance. Know his mother. Ame was 5 months pregnant, so we not only lost my cousin but also lost it soon to be added to our family. pray for our family for support. God bless you all, give your loved ones a kiss and hold them tighter. ”


Tat on Facebook, “Many people don’t know yet, but my cousin Ame Love Killian was found dead this morning. I financed this to help with funeral expenses and help their babies. If you can’t donate please share. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and messages. All. I ask you to give our family time to handle them. God bless everyone. ”


Killian mostly shared photos of her kids on Facebook. Very stupid. I love my perfect little family 😍❤️❤️❤️ babies are bringing SOOOO much love and light to my life and honestly I couldn’t ask for more love, laughter and happiness than I get from them. I am so grateful and blessed for my little family I have. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ”he wrote with a post.


He posted pictures on Facebook stating that he was in a relationship.


Appreciations filled Facebook comment threads of Killian’s loved ones.


I can not believe this. Ame was a very beautiful, talented young woman. The person responsible for the deaths of himself and his unborn children is a demonic demon who must pay the price. I pray this is a quick investigation, ”wrote one person who knew Killian.