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Who is Damien Price Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Damien Price Wiki – Damien Price Biography

The shocking footage shows the moment when an angry driver mows down a police officer trying to escape a Sainsbury’s parking lot in an attack that ‘has some similarities’ with the death of PC Andrew Harper.


Damien Price, 30, was held in prison for more than six years after launching an attack that began in March when he turned into a pair in a one-way system at the branch of the supermarket in Exeter, Pinhoe.


He then got into Sergeant Alex Howden while trying to stop the officer from escaping from the busy parking lot – blew him up and broke his leg.


The vehicle was taken out and detained by the public before being arrested on 12 March this year.


He also bit another officer in the arm while he was behind a police car.


Much of the incident was captured on camera – with shocking vehicle footage released by the Devon and Cornwall Police to highlight the dangers facing officers.


Exeter admitted that Russet Street, Price, had driven dangerous vehicles twice and inflicted severe bodily harm on Sergeant Howden.


He pleaded guilty to real bodily harm to a man and to attempted bodily harm to a woman. Both victims, husband and wife, are in their 60s.


Price also admitted to biting PC Nicholas Weston on the bicep twice.


He was imprisoned for six and a half years by a judge at the Royal Court of Exeter. The price will also serve a five-year license and be banned from driving for 10 years.


Price had entered the parking lot with a Ford Fiesta when it encountered a Nissan heading the wrong way in the one-way system outside the store.


He yelled at the couple in the car through his window and refused to move only to maneuver around the car.


An enraged Price then quickly turned around, got out of his car, took the keys from Nissan’s ignition, and threw it.


He then punched through the driver’s side window in the man’s face before returning to his Fiesta and setting off.


The stopped and reversed ones are quickly put into the couple’s car – the husband and wife getting out of the car knock them down. Both had cuts and bruises.


He then rushed around the parking lot and stopped near the recycling bins while members of the public tried to stop him from leaving.


When the first reports of a hit and run in Sainsbury’s parking lot arrived, Sergeant Howden was returning to the force’s headquarters.


He was the closest unit and was lying injured on the ground a few minutes after he arrived at the scene.


Sergeant Howden had asked Price for his keys before he started his attacker and walked away.


Price sped up, crashed into a shopping cart and then hit the police officer while signaling the driver to stop.


Sergeant Howden suffered a broken leg, a head injury, and bruising. It is expected to take more than a year to recover.


Sergeant Howden, a police officer for about 22 years, later said: ‘I do not have any hostility towards this person.


The decisions he made that day had enormous consequences for him and will continue to do so.


I am very lucky that my wound is not much more severe than it is.


Sergeant Howden also praised members of the public who helped and came to the scene.


“I couldn’t really get a better response from such kind and thoughtful people out there,” he said.


His immediate actions were incredibly positive.


Detective Officer Kerry Murch, who led the investigation, said: “ Price used his car as a weapon to target Sgt Howden and other members of the public in an incident that bore some resemblance to the heartbreaking circumstances that PC Andrew Harper was upsetting. He was killed in the Thames Valley in 2019.


This incident could very easily lead to a more tragic outcome.


Thames Valley Policeman Andrew Harper was killed while on duty in Berkshire last year while responding to reports of a theft.


The 28-year-old was severely injured after his ankles were attached to a strap attached to a getaway car.