Dallas Home Depot Tornado Damage: Power Out for 100,000 Homes, Leaves Miles-Long Trail of Damage

Dallas Home Depot Tornado Damage

Dallas Home Depot Tornado Damage

A tornado swept Dallas on Sunday night, leaving a trail of serious damage throughout the area, including collapsed buildings and downed power lines.

The damage, estimated to be extended over 27 kilometers, left more than 95,000 people without electricity. Victims with significant injuries have not yet been reported, however, first responders were going from door to door in some neighborhoods to control residents, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The US National Weather Service issued early warnings about high winds and hail.

Videos uploaded to social networks revealed the size and impact of the tornado, including a video that shows a large funnel cloud over the city. Other images and photos showed numerous collapses and damage to the houses.

Tree and roof debris remained in the streets after tornado winds brought down light poles and power lines.

Dallas fire crews responded to the structural collapse in northwest Dallas, Morning News reports, as well as calls from people injured by broken glass in their homes.

The Home Depot department store reportedly received a direct blow, collapsing its roof and causing the water pipes to be torn from the walls.

The tornado also struck near the home of former President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush. “They were lucky and are praying for the safety of their neighbors around DFW,” said a spokesman, according to journalist Jack Fink.

The city of Dallas issued a press release early Monday announcing that it was assessing the damage and confirmed that no deaths or serious injuries were reported. The city also confirmed reports of suspected gas leaks.

Dallas Home Depot

“The Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Fire Department are evaluating the damaged structures and will continue to do so throughout the night,” the statement said.

The Home Depot on Forest and 75 suffered serious damage from the storm, possibly destroyed according to some reports, but that has not been confirmed.

Dallas Love Field

Debris was reported near Dallas Love Field and homes in Walnut Hill and surrounding areas were damaged.
Radar collected debris near Dallas Love Field, WBAP reported. Flights were delayed in Dallas Love and DFW due to storms.

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