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Dalida Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband, Suicide, Death Cause

Dalida Wikipedia, Dalida Biography

Dalida Wikipedia: Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti 17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987, professionally known as Dalida. She was a French vocalist and actress, born in Egypt to Italian parents. She won the Miss Egypt beauty contest in 1954 and began a 31-year singing career in 1956, selling 140 million albums and singles worldwide. She committed suicide in 1987.

Dalida Childhood in Cairo

Dalida was born Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti in Cairo, Kingdom of Egypt, on 17 January 1933. Her father Pietro Gigliotti (1904–1945) and mother Giuseppina (née Rossi, 1910–1971) were born in Serrastretta, Italy, of Calabrian descent. Pietro studied music in school and played violin in taverns; Giuseppina was a seamstress.

Unable to make a living in their hometown, the young couple moved to the Shubra district of Cairo the year they were married, where, between the births of Iolanda’s older brother Orlando (1928–1992) and younger brother Bruno (1936), the Gigliotti family became well established in the community. In addition to earnings from Giuseppina’s work, their social status benefited when Pietro became primo Violino at Cairo’s Khedivial Opera House, and the family bought a two-story house.

At 10 months old, Iolanda caught an eye infection and had to wear bandages for 40 days. Sometimes crying day and night, her father would play lullabies on the violin to soothe her. She underwent eye operations between the ages of three and five. Having to wear glasses throughout elementary school, for which she was bullied, she later recalled: “I was [sic] enough of it, I would rather see the world in a blur than wear glasses, so I threw them through the window.” Iolanda attended the Scuola Tecnica Commerciale Maria Ausiliatrice, an Italian Catholic school located in northern Shubra.

In 1940, Allied forces took her father and other Italian men from their quarter to the Fayed prison camp in the desert near Cairo. When Pietro was released in 1944, he returned home as a completely different person, he was a very violent person that Iolanda and other children in the neighborhood were scared of him. She later recalled, “I hated him when he beat me, I hated him especially when he beat my mom and brothers. I wanted him to die, and he did.” Iolanda was twelve when Pietro died of a brain abscess in 1945. That trauma influenced her search for a male partner the rest of her life

Dalida Personal life

By birth, she automatically gained Italian nationality through of both Italian parents. In 1961, she replaced it with French nationality through marriage to a French citizen.

While Dalida was professionally very successful, her private life was marred by a series of failed relationships and personal problems. In January 1967, she took part in the Sanremo Festival with her new lover, Italian singer, songwriter, and actor Luigi Tenco. The song he presented was “Ciao Amore ciao” (“Bye Love, Bye”), which he sang together with Dalida but Tenco failed despite Dalida’s performance. Tenco committed suicide on 27 January 1967, after learning that his song had been eliminated from the final competition. Tenco was found by Dalida in his hotel room with a bullet wound in his left temple and a note announcing that his gesture was against the jury and public’s choices during the competition. Prior to Tenco’s suicide, Dalida and he had become engaged. One month later, Dalida attempted to commit suicide by drug overdose at the Prince de Galles hotel in Paris. She spent five days in a coma and several months convalescing. Dalida returned to the stage the following October.

In December 1967, she became pregnant by a 22-year-old Italian student, Lucio. She had an abortion that left her infertile.

In September 1970, her former husband (1956–1961) Lucien Morisse, with whom she was on good terms, committed suicide, shooting himself in the head.

In April 1975, her close friend, singer Mike Brant leaped to his death from an apartment in Paris. He was 28. Dalida had contributed to his success in France when he opened concerts for her in 1971 at l’Olympia.

In July 1983, her lover from 1972 to 1981, Richard Chanfray, committed suicide by inhaling the exhaust gas of his Renault 25 car.

Dalida Death and funeral

On the night of 2 May to 3, 1987, Dalida committed suicide by overdosing on barbiturates. She left behind a note which read, “La vie m’est insupportable… Pardonnez-moi.” (“Life is unbearable for me… Forgive me.”

Dalida is buried at the Montmartre Cemetery, 18th Division, Chemin des Gardens.

Dalida Wikipedia

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