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Crystal Rogers (Missing Louisville Woman) Biography – Crystal Rogers Wiki

Crystal Rogers is a Louisville woman who has been missing since 2015; on August 6, 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigations announced that it was taking over the investigation of the case and launched a new task force.
Rogers’ father was shot in 2016, and his mother Sherry Ballard was in custody battle with Rogers’s boyfriend Brooks Houck, where Rogers and Houck lived together. Ballard believes that Houck regulates (strongly rejects) his daughter’s disappearance.
Crystal Marie Rogers, according to WDRB, was a Bardstown resident working with rental properties and was also the mother of five children. Rogers, 35, was last heard live on the evening of July 3, 2015. According to WKLY, the police said that Roger’s boyfriend at that time, Brooks Houck, was the last to see him alive.
However, on July 3, the red Chevrolet Impala was said to have been “abandoned at Bluegrass Parkway with a tire punctured at mile marker 14”. Rogers’ mother reported that her daughter disappeared on July 5, 2015.
According to the “lost” poster, Rogers is a white woman with blond hair and blue eyes, 5 feet-9 inches long and weighs 155 pounds. He has a tattoo in the middle of his back, back, ankle and left foot.
According to WKLY, one of Houck’s employees, Danny Singleton, was initially convicted of cursing liars for 38 counts because he lied to detectives. Houck’s grandmother, Anna Whitesides, also called the Fifth Change when she was called to testify directly in court; The station reported that Whitesides used his car to carry Rogers’ body, regardless of who was responsible for his disappearance.

Ballard criticized Houck a lot and told WDRB that he believed he was guilty of something:

My daughter got mixed up with the wrong person. When she figured that out and tried to get out, I think it was just too late … He’s very deceiving. When you first meet him, everyone just thinks he’s the perfect gentleman. But when you really get to know him? You don’t know what kind of monsters live there. And I’m sorry, but I’ve always thought he’s guilty. He knows exactly how I feel. I’ve not made that a secret.

Houck’s attorney, Brian Butler, reportedly told the “Today Show” that his client “repeatedly, vehemently and publicly denied any wrongdoing in connection with the tragic disappearance and the death of [Rogers’] father.”
Ballard has also been in a custody dispute with Houck. A judge ruled in February of 2019 that Rogers’ 6-year-old son could not sit with Ballard until the custody case was complete, WDRB reported.
Ballard initially had visitation with her grandson, but after several custody hearings, a trial court began to have concerns. According to WDRB, Houck said that when his son would return from visiting the Ballards, his son would be “sullen and uncooperative,” “extremely accusatory” and demanding to know, “‘what did you do to my mommy.’” As a result, a three-judge panel said that there was a “detrimental aspect” to the boy’s visits with his grandmother.

As part of the FBI’s seizure, both eyewitnesses argue that the Houck brothers’ homes were raided on 6 August at 06:30.
Witnesses told the newspaper that they saw “agents bringing a handcuffed Nick Houck home from Thursday morning” and property seeking agents.
WDRB reported that Nick Houck was fired from the Bardstown Police Department after Rogers’ disappearance. Daily Beast claimed that Houck refused to be interviewed by detectives looking for Rogers, failed an FBI polygraph test, and the police tried to warn his brother while interviewing him.
Witnesses also said that they heard loud voices in Brooks Houck’s residents and watched the agents leave with manila envelopes. Social media tweeted after Houck’s law enforcement agency was released after the execution progressed, claiming to mow the lawn.

The FBI’s takeover comes two years after Ballard expressed her disappointment with how the investigation was initially handled, telling Fox News:
“I won’t put down law enforcement, but, am I happy the way things were handled? No, I’m not happy about it,” said Ballard. “And they know that I’m not satisfied. Do you think they’re working their butts off now to find my daughter? I think 100 percent they are now. I just don’t think the law enforcement in this town has the means and knowledge for what was needed to find my daughter.”