Who is Criston Preddie Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know
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Who is Criston Preddie (former British soldier) Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Criston Preddie Wiki – Criston Preddie Biography

A former British soldier, who confessed to killing his mother because he wrongly believed he was withholding his license, was detained indefinitely at the hospital.


Criston Preddie, 29, repeatedly stabbed Arlene Williams, 46, in her neck, chest and stomach with a kitchen knife on September 28 last year.


Old Bailey heard it use such force as the tip of the blade buried in Mrs. Williams’s neck.


The court heard how he was calling the police and calmly told them that he killed his mother.


Earlier this year, Preddie pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminishing responsibility.


Old Bailey heard psychiatrists establish that he was experiencing paranoid and persecutory delusions at the time of the murder.


On Friday, Judge Anthony Leonard QC ordered him a hospital with no time limit.


The court listened to the details of the attack and how he reported the crime to 999.


When the officers arrived at the home in Enfield, Tennyson Close, in north London, he appeared calm and said he regretted what he had done.


He told the officers that his mother had abused him since he was a child and is determined to prevent him from succeeding in life.


He also claimed that he stabbed his mother to prevent him from poisoning himself.


However, the doctors reached out to Preddie and diagnosed him with delusional thoughts.


The defendant also alleged in court that he killed 100 people while serving in the Royal Engineers in Germany and Afghanistan.


However, investigations revealed that Preddie was never deployed in Afghanistan and there is no evidence that he was poisoned.


Instead, army records show that he spent most of his time on leave and was taken to court in August 2010.


The court heard that the accused was a heavy smoker and smoking marijuana. The court heard that sporadic cocaine use further lowered his mental balance.


He finally snapped on September 28 last year and cut off his mother’s neck until her mother died.


Weeks ago, she threatened Ms. Williams with a knife as her paranoid dreams turned into a chaotic cocktail of confusion.


When asked why she attacked her mother, she said she kept her driver’s license to prevent her from getting a job.


Old Bailey heard Preddie dropped three-quarters of a bottle of vodka before attacking his mother with a kitchen knife.


Despite the best efforts of the paramedics, Ms Williams died from multiple stab wounds at the scene.


The two had a troubled relationship, and Preddie told the police that “his mood was black with anger and exploded.”


James Dawes, who sued, said, ‘Even if he believed he was poisoned by his mother, he didn’t have to kill him.


He had other options but chose to kill him. He could call the police and walk out the door. ”


Judge Anthony Leonard said: “You stabbed your mother to death on the evening of September 28, 2019. The broken blade of the blade you used is still buried in her neck when the police arrived.


After the attack, you called 999 and told them you killed your mother. You told them you were abused by him.


‘You said things came to a head when your mother and sister kept your license for the job interview.


You claim to have been in Royal Engineers in Germany and Afghanistan that you claimed killed 100 people.


You have never served in Afghanistan. You spent most of your time without permission and were taken to a military court in August 2010.


You admitted to taking cocaine and smoking marijuana occasionally. You were drinking a lot at the time, including three quarters of a gallon of vodka during the day of the attack. ”


Preddie from Whetstone in North London agreed to the manslaughter and was hospitalized under sections 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act.


The doctors will tell when Preddie can be released.


“This is a very sad case that devastated the extended family and continues to be supported by specially trained officers,” said Detective Inspector Joanna Yorke of the Specialist Crime Command investigation team.