NYPD Cop Cyber-Bullying By Fellow: Cristina Villeda Biography, Wiki, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cristina Villeda Biography

Cristina Villeda Biography

Cristina Villeda is a policewoman in the New York Police Department. She told about cyber-bullying after her fellow officers circulated n*ked photos of a woman, and claimed they were Cristina Villeda images.

Cristina Villeda Career

Cristina Villeda is new in the NewYork Police Department and is yet to have two years on the work as this police officer. Villeda joined the NYPD in 2017, according to CAPstat. Cristina Villeda Instagram states she’s a United States Marine Corps veteran and Villeda often shares photos of her vegan lifestyle, lavish international vacations and time on the job.

Cristina Villeda says she was Cyber Bullied by Fellow Officers

Cristina Villeda says her fellow officers circulated naked pictures that they claimed were of her — in mean-spirited instances of revenge-porn cyber-bullying.

Attached to the caption were two suggestive photos of a naked woman side-by-side, according to NY Post.

“I’ve never in my life had my belly pierced, I’ve never owned a pink iPhone and [sic] I have curly hair!! You don’t know if I have a boyfriend or family! You guys are so wrong for this! The poor girl who’s the picture is going around! And If I’m posting this, it’s because this is never something I do.”

The images may be considered revenge porn — an act that recently became illegal across New York — apparently were circulated by a fellow cop, Villeda wrote in a follow-up post.

“The saddest part about this all is that it’s my own ‘Blue Family’ (cops) who made this up,” the post reads.

“For the police officer who started this all, God bless your soul. You must be a miserable person to try and bring another one down through lies, and yes I’ll gladly say it’s a cop so people can see and know how embarrassing it is when it’s one of your own trying to tarnish you through false statements,” the post’s caption reads, along with the hashtags “stop bullying,” “stay strong” and “ignore the hate.”

The self-proclaimed “thick-skinned” officer shook off the cyber-shaming, saying neither her “ego” nor “pride” was damaged by the situation and she’s “perfectly fine.”

According to the Post, The matter is under internal review.

Cristina Villeda Instagram

In the post, she wrote: ‘Whoever is saying this is me is so wrong after the post She has since set her Instagram account private.

In a follow-up post, Villeda revealed it was a member of her ‘Blue Family’ that shared the explicit photos.

The post reportedly had the hashtags: ‘stop bullying’, ‘stay strong’ and ‘ignore the hate’.

She said neither her ‘ego’ nor ‘pride’ was hurt by the situation.

Charges for this cyber-bullying

The incident, which could be considered revenge porn, is now punishable up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Cristina Villeda, an officer for the NewYork Police Department, says she was bullied by a fellow officer
  • She alleged her ‘blue family’ circulated nude photos of a woman and claimed it was her
  • But she  denied the rumors, stating the woman in the photo was not her because she’s never had a belly piercing, owned a pink iPhone and has curly hair 
  • Villeda is new to the NYPD, having begun her career in 2017
  • The case is being investigated and could be treated as revenge porn, which was outlawed in the state in July 2019