Constanza Creel Gonzalez wiki

Who Is Constanza Creel Gonzalez (Edith Gonzalez Daughter) Wiki, Bio, Age, Mother (Edith Gonzalez), Instagram, Facebook, Santiago Creel

Constanza Creel Gonzalez (Edith Gonzalez Daughter) Wiki

Constanza Creel Gonzalez wiki

Constanza Creel Gonzalez is the daughter of Mexican telenovela star Edith Gonzalez and Santiago Creel. Edith died on June 13, 2019, at the age of 54, three years after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Constanza Creel Gonzalez Age

Constanza is 14 years old as of 2019; she was born on August 17, 2004

Constanza Creel Gonzalez age

Constanza Creel Gonzalez Mother/ Edith Gonzalez Daughter

Constanza’s mother, Edith Gonzalez was a Mexican telenovela star who began her acting career as a child. At the age of 6, she appeared in the telenovela “Lucia Sombra”. At the age of 11 she was cast in the movie “El Rey los Gorilas” in 1976.

Through her career, she has been seen on the Televisa, Telemundo and TV Azteca networks. In 2010 she joined Azteca she was seen in the telenovela, “Cielo Rojo,” and the reality show, “The Academy.”

In August 2016 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and revealed that the cancer was ‘very aggressive’ at the time. On June 13, 2019, Edith died while she was receiving treatment at the Angeles Interlomas hospital in Mexico City.

Her death was confirmed through Twitter by the National Association of Actors.

Constanza Creel Gonzalez Father (Santiago Creel)

Constanza’s father Santiago Creel is a Mexican politician. He is a former Secretary of the Interior (December 2000 – June 2005). He stepped from the post to run for president but failed to be nominated by his party. He later became a member of the Senate serving as Speaker of the Senate and Chairman of the Senate’s Political Coordination Committee. He is a member of Board of Directors of EZCORP.

Creel did not acknowledge his daughter publicly until 2008. Although during an interview Edith said Creel had “always been present” in their daughter’s life.

Edith and Santiago first met when Edith was 14 years and Santiago was 25. After the news broke that Santiago was the father of Edith’s daughter she told PEOPLE that the two met again several years after at a benefit event.

Edith explained that during their second meeting she had gotten out of a difficult relationship.

“I had recently gotten out of a very difficult relationship, and he was searching for new horizons in his personal life. Perhaps what united us at that moment was solitude.”

She also revealed that the pregnancy was not planned but she and Creel remained friends and he was actively involved in his daughter’s life.

Constanza Creel Gonzalez bio

Constanza’s Parents Edith Gonzalez and Santiago Creel

Constanza Creel Gonzalez was born to Edith Gonzalez and Santiago Creel. Santiago Creel is a politician in Mexico. Edith is married to Lorenzo Lazo. In 2008, Edith talked about Santiago with People, saying she had known him for nearly 30 years and had a brief romance with him. Now, she said, they’re friends. She said the romance started when she was getting out of a tough relationship and he was looking for something new in his life. They met at a bullfight when he was 25 and she was 14, People reported, and met up again at a benefit gala several years later.

Edith shared the above photo with Constanza while they were in Asia.

Edith Share Her Daughter Pics and Footages on Social Media

Constanza Creel Gonzalez wiki

Constanza was born on August 17, 2004, shared. Edith was always proud of her daughter, sharing photos of her and talking about her on Instagram.

Many have commented about how much alike the two appear.

Constanza Education Status

Edith said her daughter was doing well in academics despite what was happening, shared.

Here is the translated quote: “In school (she) is doing well, has responded very well despite all the pressure… The last quarter was just the one that … suffered, but hey, it’s worth it because it was a tough year.”

Edith Gonzalez will be greatly missed.