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Connor Michael Lewis (accused of homicide for shooting) Biography – Connor Michael Lewis Wiki

Connor Michael Lewis is a teenage  from Florida who accused of shooting a man in the head while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher had charges against him upgraded to murder Friday after the victim died

Connor Michael Lewis, 16, of Sanford, was originally arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide in connection with the Wednesday shooting of 18-year-old Artavious Quarterman. Quarterman died Friday at the hospital from his injuries, police said in a news release.

Lewis called 911 around 8 pm. On Wednesday, she reports that several women hit her door and window after a dispute between her and her girlfriend. “Ah, you’re so scary. You are very scary. ”
Police said a gunshot was heard as the group spoke Lewis’ name.
“During this interaction, a gun was shot from inside the house through the window in the front door and the Artavious Quarterman was shot in the head,” said a police newsletter.
Police said Lewis’ girlfriend escorted his mother to take her belongings home.
He was taken to the hospital, where he remained in critical condition until his death on Friday. Lewis was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder and fired deadly missiles at a residence before the charges were raised.
“The fact that a young man’s life is now at risk is pointless,” Sanford police chief Cecil Smith said. “The Sanford Police officers were minutes away from home, and I believe they could separate and setback the situation. It’s a matter of time. When you fire a firearm, you must understand that the consequences can be fatal in any case.”

Sanford police said the group went to the home pick up Lewis’ girlfriend and her belongings.

“The fact that a young man’s life is now at risk is senseless,” Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said. “Sanford police officers were minutes away from the home, and I believe would have been able to separate and de-escalate the situation in a matter of moments.”

Lewis faces charges of second-degree homicide and shooting into a dwelling.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Sanford Police Department or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.