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Clifton Blackwell Bio, Wiki

Clifton Blackwell is a 61-year-old suspect accused of tossing battery acid in the face of Mahud Villalaz. He is a military veteran. His mother Jacqueline told the newspaper that he had been treated previously for PTSD by the Milwaukee Department of Veterans Affairs due to his Marine Corps service. His mother said, she thought the VA was giving him proper care.

Clifton Blackwell Age

He was born in California in 1958, according to Ancestry records.

Clifton Blackwell Social Media Accounts

He doesn’t appear to have any obvious social media accounts.

Clifton Blackwell Family

A family obituary shows that Blackwell’s mother’s family has deep roots in Ladysmith, which is a community in Rusk County. They moved up north in the 1940s from Milwaukee to live in a log cabin.

Acid Attack Victim (Mahud Villalaz)

Mahud Villalaz is 42 years old welder who has been in the United States for 19 years. He suffered second-degree burns to his face in an acid attack. He is a United States citizen originally from Peru.

Clifton Blackwell said to Villalaz he was invading the country and was here illegally. Clifton A. Blackwell has not yet been charged in the attack. However, the Journal Sentinel’s Bruce Vielmetti reported that Blackwell is the suspect who was under arrest.

Villalaz previously described in vivid detail in a news conference how he was the victim of a racist acid attack that left him with facial wounds.

Clifton Blackwell Criminal History

Blackwell has a felony criminal history. A 2007 article in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram obtained by Heavy via archival newspaper searches reported that Blackwell went “missing from a sentencing hearing in a felony case that year.

He was convicted of “pointing a firearm at a hunter during a citizen’s arrest during deer hunting season the previous year, the newspaper reported at that time.

The newspaper said that Blackwell, who lived in Glen Flora, Wisconsin for a time, also went by the name Dr Stephen A.E. Pflughoeft and, according to court records, Pflughoeft, Stephen A Ethelmer, Dr.

Blackwell was 49-years-old at the time of that case. Stephen Ethelmer Pflughoeft of Glen Flora has a patent for an engine/pump design.

Clifton Blackwell Occupation

Under the name Stephen Ethelmer Pflughoeft of Glen Flora, Clifton Blackwell has a patent for an engine/pump design. Blackwell was also in the military service for four years. Blackwell does not appear to have any social media accounts.

Clifton Blackwell Charges

Criminal charges could be filed soon against Clifton Blackwell, 61, who sources say is the man in custody in connection with an acid attack on a man near 13th and Harrison in Milwaukee. That crime happened on Friday night, Nov. 1.

According to police, the suspected acid attack followed a verbal altercation between the suspect and victim. The victim, who suffered second-degree burns, said the argument was over a parking spot.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

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