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Claudia Conway (Kellyanne Conway's Daughter) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Claudia Conway (Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter) Biography – Claudia Conway Wiki

Claudia Conway, one of Kellyanne Conway’s four children, has been at odds on social media with her mother who serves as a senior counselor to President Donald Trump. The two got into a fight on Claudia’s TikTok video in late July, and now Claudia, 15, claims that mother had her arrested for making “false statements” about her online.
Claudia, whose father is George Conway III, shared it on August 6 through TikTok, “Kellyanne called me and told me how I would be arrested by speaking and endangering her life and making false claims.” The video of Tik Tok, which he released an hour ago, also expressed his arrest. “Storytime?”
On Thursday, Claudia has more than 273,000 followers at TikTok, sharing a third video that seems to be crying in bed. While playing a “bulletproof” song, do you think it might hurt my emotions? lol my mom is Kellyanne Conway. ”
On Twitter, Claudia caused more alarms for her well-being after retweeting a comment explaining what she said during a Tik Tok Live video. The user tweeted online, “Claudia Conway went live on TikTok and told her mother how she had physically and emotionally abused her for years and was arrested a few weeks ago for false attack charges… Someone saved her from STAT.”

claudia conway just went live on tiktok and talked about how her mother has physically and emotionally abused her for years and had her arrested for fake assault charges a few weeks ago…….someone get this girl emancipated STAT

— edgar allan poe dameron (@juliananannana) August 6, 2020

Claudia retweeted another comment that read, “It’s sad that Kellyanne chose to raise Trump abandoning her husband and children.”
On Thursday, Claudia appeared to be asking her 177,000 Twitter followers for help. She tweeted, “How do i get in touch with pro bono lawyers?”
Despite her mother’s prominent job in Trump’s White House, Claudia has been outspoken on social media with her negative views on the president and showing support for the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. The pinned tweet on her official Twitter page reads, “Reminder that a third-party vote is a vote for Trump!! Don’t feed into the fire. We must get him OUT. I am compelling my younger audience, if you can, to VOTE. every vote counts.”
While his father, George, continued to criticize Trump massively, he tweeted to ask the media not to reach his daughter after Claudia’s politically linked videos became viral in July.
“We don’t accept any communication between our young children, including @kellyannepolls and myself and our daughter Claudia,” says George, “To reporters. So give up. Thank you. ”

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