Tried to Burn Down a French Mosque and Killed Two Muslims: Claude Sinké Biography, Wiki, Facebook, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Claude Sinké Biography

Claude Sinké Biography

Claude Sinké was a former National Front candidate. He is an artist, a former National Front candidate in the 2015 provincial elections. He is identified as the man who suspected of shooting two Muslims in front of the Bayonne mosque on Monday (October 28th).

Claude Sinké Age

He is 84 years old.

Claude Sinké Early Life and Career

Present on the website Copains before, Claude Sinké says it was born in September 1935 and resides in Saint-Martin de Seignanx (Landes). The retiree claims to have worked from 1953 for the National Education in Bordeaux. On his Facebook account, he says he married in 1955 and retired since his ” fiftieth year “. He also reports that he could have worked at the SNCF: ” After my secondary education … I took classes at the Ecole Universelle de Paris for a District Manager training at SNCF “.

Many of his publications are devoted to his artistic activity. A Southwest article published in 2013 describes him as a ” Saint-Martin sculptor unclassifiable and committed “, also ” president of the association Les Amis des arts bayonnais “. On Facebook, he poses with several sculptures, including a shade in the colors of the United States and another to those of the Basque Country. ” I thought, in my early years that it was useful first to overcome the existential needs before expressing myself on the artistic level (…) I started with lamps and sculptures that you can see here. above . ” The retiree is analyzed in the same message as a man “

Claude Sinké Tried to burn down a French mosque and Killed Two Muslims

Claude Sinké, 84, confessed to the attack in Bayonne, in the southwest of France, on Monday afternoon after he was arrested at his home in Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx, police said.

He has since told prosecutors that he was convinced a blaze which swept through Notre Dame last April, causing millions of pounds worth of damage, was ’caused by Muslims’.

Two people, aged 74 and 78, were seriously injured on October 28 in front of the Bayonne mosque (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Several shots were fired by a man who was trying to set the door on fire.  The assailant was quickly arrested by the police at his home in the Landes. 

Claude Sinké Arrested

arrested after the attack on the Bayonne mosque on Monday, October 28 is a former FN candidate aged 84. His publications on social networks provide a portrait of a tormented man, including fan of polemicist Eric Zemmour.

Police iNvestigation Reports

The judicial police have been seized of the investigation. According to a source close to the investigation cited by AFP, the shooter, Claude Sinké, 84, admitted to custody to be the author of the shots. He had been a candidate of the National Front (FN) in 2015 in the local elections of the Landes, canton of Seignanx, but according to Jacques Leclercq, deputy delegate of Landais National Rally (RN) to the press agency, had been “removed from the party” after these elections, without further details.

Claude Sinké Facebook

Emotion and outrage 

The mayor of Bayonne, Jean-René Etchegaray went on the spot. He mentioned on France Bleu Pays Basque an “attack” and assured that the mosque will reopen within 48 hours. “We are in shock after this serious incident (…) especially since here the Muslim community is an example of integration” he explained. The city decided to make the Albizia room available to Muslims for two days while the investigators finish their work at the mosque.

“I strongly condemn the heinous attack perpetrated in front of the mosque of Bayonne, I address my thoughts to the victims” tweeted the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in the evening, pledging to “do everything to punish the perpetrators “ and ” protect compatriots of Muslim faith. “

Emotion and indignation shared on Twitter by Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior, who addressed his thoughts to the wounded and their loved ones.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez, went on the spot in the evening.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Claude Sinké, 84, confessed to the attack in Bayonne at around 3 pm on Monday
  • Two people aged 74 and 78 were seriously injured by bullets in front of the Bayonne mosque on Monday (October 28th).
  • The alleged gunman, an 84-year-old former National Front (FN) candidate in the 2015 provincial elections, was arrested in the Landes and then placed in the custody of the “assassination attempt” leader.
  • President Emmanuel Macron condemned “with firmness” an “odious attack”.
  • He allegedly tried to set fire to Mosque before shooting two Muslim worshippers
  • Sinké told prosecutors he was convinced Notre Dame blaze ’caused by Muslims’