Cindy Mack (Bill Mack’s Wife) Wiki, Bio, Age, , Death, COVID-19, Net worth
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Cindy Mack (Bill Mack’s Wife) Wiki, Bio, Age, , Death, COVID-19, Net worth

Cindy Mack (Bill Mack’s Wife) Wiki, Cindy Mack Bio

Cindy Mack is popularly knowns as the wife of the famous Bill Mack who was an American country music singer, songwriter, and radio host. He was best known as the host of The Country Roads Show,  the overnight country music show on WBAP, a clear channel station in Fort Worth.

Cindy Mack Family

Cindy was married to Bill Mack and they have three children: Misty Dawn, Billy Mack III, and Sunday Renee. They have several grandchildren. Mack had another daughter named Debbie from her previous marriage.
Bill Mack Smith III (“Billy”) followed his father’s footsteps. He has a radio show with 92.1 Hank FM in Fort Worth, Texas.

Cindy Mack and Bill Mack her husband

Cindy Mack and her husband Bill live in Fort Worth, Texas. They have three children, Misty Dawn, Billy Mack III and Sunday Renee. Mack lived in Shamrock, Texas, and even has a Bill Mack Street in his hometown.
Mack was an American country music singer, songwriter and radio presenter, and his most famous song was “Blue”, recorded by LeAnn Rimes and earning him a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1997. 1959.
Mack also published an autobiography titled Memories from Broadcast Channels in 2004. A previous biography, Spins and Needles, was published in 1970 and is now out of print.

Bill Mack Disease and Death

Longtime North Texas radio DJ and award-winning country music songwriter Bill Mack has died of COVID-19, according to his son, Billy Mack Jr.
Mack, who was a staple on country radio beginning in the 1960s, died early Friday just two days after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He was 91.
“I’m deeply saddened to tell you that my Dad passed away early this morning due to COVID-19 with underlying conditions. He was an amazing father, grandfather, great-grandfather and husband to my mom. I’m blessed to have had not only a great dad but my best friend as well,” said Mack’s son, Billy Mack Jr. On Twitter.
Mack’s son spoke with NBC 5 Friday afternoon and said his father had been suffering from dementia and living in a memory care facility when he was diagnosed with the virus. On Wednesday he was confirmed to both have fluid in his lungs and COVID-19 and was rushed to an Irving ICU.
Soon after, doctors told the family that Mack had very little time left.
Mack’s son said since his father was positive for COVID-19, he, his mother and his three sisters were only able to say goodbye on a conference call.
“We got to say our goodbyes to him yesterday. My sister played Clinging to a Saving Hand, a song that he wrote years back. He said he wanted to hear it so we just played it and kind of tried to sing along a little bit with it,” Mack Jr. Said. “He couldn’t speak very well, but his sense of humor was still there. One of the things that he told us, “Guys, will you please pull yourselves together you’re embarrassing me in front of the nurse.”

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