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Who is Christopher Allen Whiteley Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Christopher Allen Whiteley Wiki – Christopher Allen Whiteley Biography

A Texas father of three, whom authorities believe was killed by a mountain lion, was found dead with neck wounds in a stream bed near his home.


Police found Christopher Allen Whiteley’s body near his home in Lipan, about an hour southwest of Fort Worth, shortly after he was reported missing last Thursday.


According to officials, the first findings from the autopsy of the 28-year-old boy show that Whiteley was probably killed by a wild animal attack by a mountain lion.


The mother of her children, girlfriend Tylor Messina, told DailyMail.com that she struggled to face her shock death.


“They found him in the creek bed in the bush very close to the house,” he said.


Messina said the police had told the family that only a wild animal could ‘grab her by the throat’.


Authorities found Messina’s body after reporting her disappearance on Thursday.


He said he last saw him on Tuesday night before they went to bed, when they had a little fight.


“He had to go to work Wednesday morning and left without kissing me,” Messina said.


He said on Wednesday that he did not answer his phone calls or text messages and did not return home.


Messina said she started asking if anyone had seen her.


I searched hospitals and prisons. Nobody had seen him, ‘he said.


Messina said that Whiteley had complained of chest pains in recent weeks, and when she thought she had fainted somewhere on her way to work, she began to fear the worst.


After switching authorities, Whiteley’s body was found in a woodland not far from his home.


“How can you get away from not being there anymore after talking to someone,” said Messina. Sleeping or eating is not easy.


Messina described Whiteley as ‘a sweet and caring person’.


He was hardworking, loving and compassionate. Family was definitely a priority for him more than anything else, ‘he said.


A day never passed when he didn’t tell me how much he loved me and what I meant to him.


The Hood County Sheriff’s Office said they were still investigating Whiteley’s death and spoke with pictures and testimonies of locals who had recently witnessed mountain lions in the area.


They await the final autopsy result from the Tarrant County Medical Inspectorate that excluded the possibility of suicide or murder.


The sheriff’s office said the first findings of the autopsy said Whiteley had died from a possible mountain lion attack.


The sheriff’s office said lawmakers found Whiteley’s body the day after he disappeared near Lipan on Thursday.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department raised doubts about the autopsy findings on Sunday afternoon and said experts had investigated the scene and found no evidence of a mountain lion attack in the area.


“None of the evidence studied by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department points to a predatory attack by a mountain lion or other wild animal,” said a spokesman.


The TPWD said a Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services biologist came to the same conclusion as its staff.


The sheriff’s office then said it was next to the medical investigator’s preliminary report.


The TPWD said fatal mountain attacks on humans were extremely rare, with fewer than 30 people killed by mountain lions across the US in the past 100 years.


The TPWD said there were no confirmed records of a fatal attack on a person by a mountain lion in Texas and no verified record of a mountain lion from Hood County.


Although verified mountain lion sightings are rare in North Texas, the TPWD said on Tuesday that its biologists had confirmed that Whiteley was seen on private property in Rowlett, the Dallas suburb, 160km from where he was killed.


State wildlife officials said on Sunday that they thought the sight confirmed at Rowlett had nothing to do with Whiteley’s death.