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Christine Cardona wiki

Christine Cardona Wiki

Christine Cardona was the first girlfriend of Etika. They were dating since Etika starting his career.

Christine Cardona Age

She is 26 years old.

Christine Cardona Boyfriend

Amofah’s former girlfriend, Christine Cardona, last saw him in April, after he posted tweets described as disturbing and sent her illegible texts, she told InsideEdition.com.

“I was concerned so I went over to his house and the whole day was [spent] observing his mental state,” Cardona said.

Christine Cardona Relationship with Etika

Cardona, a fellow gamer who goes by the name Alice Pika, said Amofah eventually made her leave, but after he claimed to have an ability to harm himself, she called the police. He was hospitalized in that incident, she said.

Christine Cardona Dating with Etika

It was not the only incident that ended with Amofah’s hospitalization, said Cardona, who dated him from 2011 to 2017.

“He’s never admitted he has a problem,” she said. “He’s always seemed to deny the existence of mental health disorders. Our relationship, it wasn’t easy.”

Christine Cardona Reaction on Etika Missing News

News that Amofah was missing has been hard for Cardona to process, but she’s choosing to remain hopeful he will be found safe, said said.

Christine Cardona Tweets about Etika

“He’s in pain but not harmed, I’m sure of it,” she tweeted. “Have faith that he’s gonna take his health seriously.”

After the Death News of Etika She tweets