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chris zylka wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend (paris hilton engagement), Height, Family, Net Worth, Instagram and Facebook

chris zylka wiki

chris zylka wiki, chris zylka Bio

chris zylka wiki
: Chris was born under the surname “Settlemire”, and later took his mother’s maiden name, “Zylka”. He attended Howland High School and graduated in 2003. His hobbies have included guitar, painting, association football, basketball, baseball and reading. He attended The University of Toledo in Ohio.

Zylka began his career with a guest appearance on 90210 in 2008. He was soon cast in a recurring role in Everybody Hates Chris before also having guest appearances on the shows Hannah Montana, Cougar Town and Zeke and Luther. Zylka would then land another recurring role as Joey Donner, for 16 episodes, in 10 Things I Hate About You. Zylka began to move into films around this time, appearing in The People I’ve Slept With before starring in the Made-for-TV horror My Super Psycho Sweet 16. Zylka would later reprise this role in the sequel, My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2. Zylka also appeared in Kaboom in 2010. Upcoming projects include two animal attack films, Shark Night 3D and Piranha 3D. Zylka portrayed Flash Thompson in the 2012 Spider-Man reboot.

Father and family

Chris’s father’s family, surnamed Settlemire, has been in the United States for many generations, and has German, as well as smaller amounts of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, ancestry. Chris’s maternal grandfather, William Zylka, was the son of immigrants of Polish and Ukrainian descent, Michael Zylka and Anastasia Kozarewski. Chris’s maternal grandmother, Patricia Rosko, was born to a family of Slovak and Ruthenian/Rusyn ancestry.

He was once homeless

Zylka dropped out from the University of Toledo because of his financial constraints. He decided to move to California and pursue his dreams. In 2012, Zylka talked to Out magazine and described his struggles before he became an actor. Hilton’s husband-to-be stated that he was once homeless and working at a restaurant. It’s at the restaurant that Jon Simmons came to have lunch and met Zylka. He asked Zylka if he wanted to be an actor. Zylka said that he wished to be but had never worked as an actor before. Jon trained Zylka, developed him and like they say. The rest is history.

His debut role was in 2018

Zylka’s first appearance was on “90210” in 2008. Shortly after that, he got a recurring role in the comedy, “Everybody Hates Chris” still in 2008. But Zylka is more known for his roles in movies and TV shows like “The Amazing Spiderman,” “Kaboom,” “Piranha 3DD,” “Shark Night 3D,” and “The Leftovers.”

He had been engaged again before

Even before he got close with Paris Hilton in 2017, Zylka was engaged to Hanna Beth who is a model and a designer. They got engaged in 2014 and broke up in 2015 after ten months of engagement. Zylka went further to accuse his ex-fiance on social media of cheating on him. Zylka’s ex, Beth responded on her Twitter indirectly saying that Zylka didn’t get his way and so he wanted to bring her down. She added that people who bring others down should not be allowed to and no reaction was better than any reaction. Beth also said that making up lies about another person because of a heartbreak never made anyone feel better.

Paris Hilton Is 100 Times Richer than Him

That’s no surprise! Chris Zylka earned his estimated $4.0 million fortune from his acting and modeling career. But it doesn’t look like much compared to Paris Hilton‘s approximate net worth of $300.0 million —not that she would want to be with any man for his money. Though Hilton may not look at her boyfriend’s bank account, we can’t help but compare her current flame’s wealth to her last boyfriend’s.

Before Zylka, Hilton was in a relationship with Thomas Gross, an Australian millionaire. Gross who is said to have a net worth of $200.0 million, which he made from his sports company, Runningball. Hilton also dated Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir whose family’s net worth is a whopping $3.3 billion! Well, it’s evident Paris Hilton’s love can’t be bought, and she looks truly in love with Zylka.

That being said, we’ve got to say, Chris Zylka’ engagement ring budget must have taken a little while to stash away as it’s estimated to be worth $2.0 million.

chris zylka Is an Ohio Native

Born Christopher Settlemire in Warren, Ohio on May 9, 1985, Chris Zylka age is 32. His father has German, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry. His mother was Polish and Ukrainian from her paternal side, and Czech from her mother’s side. Her son took her Polish maiden name as his stage name when he debuted as an actor.

In high school, he was the star quarterback of Howland’s football team, and was offered a scholarship to play football at Ohio State. But he had other plans for his future and turned down the offer to pursue an acting career instead.

chris zylka has many tattoos

By 2014, Zylka had 17 tattoos. He has probably added some more since then, one of them being the name of his fiancée, Hilton. Paris Hilton posted the arm of her husband to be’s arm, with her name “Paris” written in Disney font, on Instagram. Hilton captioned it that she was the luckiest girl and that Zylka surprised her. She also wrote that Zylka told her that she was his most magical place in the world and Hilton was his fairytale princess.

chris zylka likes being the villain

You have probably realized that Zylka is always the bad guy in all the movies and TV shows he has starred. Maybe you thought it’s the directors who like putting him there, but you are wrong. In an interview, Zylka revealed that he prefers to act as the bad guy rather than the good one. Zylka added that despite playing those roles, he tries to get that villain attitude of his system so that it doesn’t be part of his normal life and hurt people around him.

chris zylka as Flash

Zylka stars in “Amazing Spiderman” and “Amazing Spiderman 2” as Eugene “Flash” Thompson. He is a high school bully who mainly targets Peter Parker. On one scene, he bullies a classmate and forces him to eat a vile food product. He asks Parker to record him, but he refuses. They end up fighting as a result, but Gwen interrupts them.

chris zylka role in The Secret Circle

Hilton’s future husband, Zylka, stars as Jake Armstrong in “The Secret Circle.” In the TV show, Jake has a brooding alter ego, and he is dark and mysterious. “The Secret Circle” is one of the hit TV Series in 2012, and watching Jake have a thing for a thing for Cassie, who Adam is also interested in, you just want to watch more.

Hilton’s future husband also features in Shark Night

Another movie that Zylka stars in is “Shark Night.” The horror film tells the story of seven Tulane University undergraduates who, one of them being Blake, characterized by Zylka. They go through mayhem when they stay near a lake. “Shark Night” didn’t do well at the box office and even received generally negative reviews.

chris zylka as Tommy

One of the most recent TV shows Zylka has featured in is “The Leftovers.” He plays the role of Tom Garvey. Tommy has dropped out of college and is staying with a mysterious guy called “Holy Wayne.” The TV show is one of the best HBO series.

chris zylka net worth

Zylka has a net worth of $4 million and critics are trying to figure out where he got $2 million to buy Hilton’s engagement ring. Hilton, on the other hand, has a net worth of whooping $300 million, making her future husband’s net worth look like a drop in the ocean. Most of Hilton’s net worth is probably from her inheritance.

It’s 2018 and the year is long enough for us to see more of Zylka. His fans can’t wait to see him marry one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. Being hooked up to a socialite is a risky affair. Hopefully, Hilton doesn’t disappoint Zylka as Beth did.

chris zylka Personal Quots

  • My mentor Jon Simmons introduced me to the Stanislavski system, which is so heavy on back-story. So you write and write and write these back stories about a character and then you throw it away. So then on set, if it doesn’t come, then you didn’t do your work.
  • My greatest fear is failure.
  • It’s good to have butterflies. And they always go away. The camera starts rolling and they go away and it’s all good.
  • I was always a fan of Spider-Man and most superheroes. There aren’t a whole lot of little boys out there that aren’t.
  • It’s just so much more fun to play bad than good. Plus it’s just good to get that out of your system so it doesn’t show up in your personal life.
  • I’m an artist; I love everyone.
  • My favorite scary movie was always ‘Halloween.’ I love that there’s hidden emotion underneath Michael Myers’ psychotic behavior. Plus, he has the best mask, hands-down.
  • The difference between a regular camera and a 3D camera, for an actor, is really no different except that the turn-arounds are longer. It takes a lot longer to set up a shot because the cinematographer is really trying to set up a whole world, so it can’t be more intricate and more beautiful to the viewers, in 3D.
  • Going from ‘Shark Night’ to ‘Piranha,’ a guy holding a fish on a stick in front of you that they’re going to replace in post-production, it’s a lot different than seeing this animatronic shark that, if you get caught up in the moment, looks, acts and you sometimes think could be real.
  • In a film you only get two hours to do this big arc and so you have to pick and choose your moments carefully, but with television you get to take your time

chris zylka wiki

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