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Chris Burrous Bio: He was born on 11th January 1975 and died on Thursday, 27th December 2018. Chris Burrous was an American TV personality, who co-anchored the KTLA 5 Morning News on weekends. Burrous also reported on breaking news during the week. Chris Burrous previously worked at WIPX-TV, New York City, and KGET-TV, California.

Chris Burrous Death Cause

KTLA morning stay Chris Burrous Dies on Thursday after a conceivable overdose Drugs, as per Glendale police.

Stations over the Los Angeles showcase revealed the news on Friday morning. Chris Burrous was found on Thursday evening after a man he was with at a Days Motel inn called 911 and announced he was inert. At the point when paramedics arrived the man he was with was managing help, said police.

Chris Burrous was exchanged to the healing facility where he later kicked the bucket.

“Our contemplations and petitions go out to the Chris Burrous family. Chris adored sharing the narratives of Southern California and associating with our watchers,” KTLA President and General Supervisor Wear Corsini and news executive Jason Ball said in a joint articulation. “He will be recognized as an extraordinary columnist and a superb companion to many. He conveyed a consideration to his work and will be profoundly missed by the whole KTLA family.”

Chris Burrous joined the Tribune station in 2011. Preceding that, he worked for its sister station WPIX in New York City.

Chris Burrous Bio

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