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Suspect Killer(Carlos Rivera) Arrested: Chloe Ricard Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend (Carlos Rivera)

Chloe Ricard Biography

According to Heavy Chloe Ricard is a Massachusetts teen who died after she was dumped at a hospital under mysterious circumstances after running away from home, CBS Boston reports.
Chloe Ricard Biography
Ricard, 13, was dumped at the emergency room at Lawrence General Hospital on Monday just before 5 pm. She was pronounced dead shortly after, Boston 25 News reports.

“From what one of the police officers said at the hospital, she was brought in and dumped at the hospital. They said she was lifeless. No pulse, no nothing, they just drove in and dropped her off,” the girl’s stepfather, Brian Dolan, told the station. “She didn’t even have a pulse when they pushed her out of the car.”

Chloe Ricard Was Last Seen by Her Family on May 19

Deborah Goldsmith-Dolan said she drove her daughter to a friend’s house in Amesbury on the afternoon of Sunday, May 19. Goldsmith-Dolan and her husband, Brian Dolan, became concerned when they discovered Chloe had not shown up for school the following day. By Monday afternoon there had been no word from Chloe, who did not have a cell phone.
Chloe Ricard Biography
Goldsmith-Dolan began texting her daughter’s friends after learning that she had posted on Snapchat that she wanted to run away. When the teen’s friends responded that she was with a friend in Haverhill, about 10 miles away from her home in Amesbury, Goldsmith-Dolan filed a missing person’s report at approximately 4 p.m. The New York Post reported that she received a text message from a friend of Chloe’s saying the teen was at the hospital but that she was safe. Shortly after that call, Goldsmith-Dolan learned her daughter had died.
Family members and friends say the eighth-grader struggled at home and at school and that she’d never been able to overcome her grief after the death of her father five years earlier.

“Kids today they think they’re invincible. You say, ‘Don’t smoke.’ They’re going to do it. ‘Don’t drink.’ They’re going to do it,” Dolan said. According to the Daily Mail, Chloe had said in a now-deleted Instagram post “I’ll never change and one day I will not wake up and that’s my goal. Stop worrying about my health.”

Chloe Was Actually With a Friend at Rivera’s Apartment

While Chloe’s mother had assumed her daughter was at her friend’s house, police have determined that the teen and a friend were actually with Rivera on Sunday night and Monday, staying at his first-floor apartment at 59 Bellevue Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The three knew each other previously however how they were acquainted has not been divulged.
Chloe Ricard Biography
Chloe’s mother and stepfather said they had never heard of Carlos Rivera until his arrest. Chloe lived in Amesbury, approximately 18 miles away from Rivera’s home in Lawrence. Neighbors told WCVB that Rivera lived alone.
Chloe’s stepfather Brian Dolan responded affirmatively when asked by WCVB if he thought Rivera was responsible for his stepdaughter’s death. “Oh yes, yes. You can’t buy child drugs,” he said.

Chloe’s Stepfather Said She was Dumped at the Hospital “Like a Bag of Trash”

Rivera and a girl under the age of 16 left Chloe at the hospital and took off, however, the Boston Globe reported there are differing accounts regarding what transpired at the hospital. Goldsmith-Dolan was told by some witnesses that attempts were made to revive Chloe in the car, while others claim the young girl was thrown out of the vehicle. Chloe’s stepfather said that a doctor told him his stepdaughter arrived at the hospital without a pulse.
Chloe Ricard Biography
Dolan is shocked at the way his stepdaughter was treated by both Rivera and Chloe’s friend. “To throw her off, (at) the door of the hospital like a bag of trash. I’m still in awe of that,” he said.
Goldsmith-Dolan expressed her rage toward Rivera in an interview with WBZ CBS4. “You ruined my life,” she said. “If (Chloe) was sick, all you had to do was call an ambulance. Do something to try to save her.”
Family members have set up a GoFundMe page for Chloe Ricard to help defray expenses.

Rivera is Facing Multiple Felony Charges

Police reviewed surveillance footage and were able to confirm Rivera was the adult male who dropped Chloe off at the hospital. He faces multiple felony charges including two counts of “providing Class B drugs to a minor.” Class B drugs defined by Massachusetts law include cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and oxycontin. Authorities have not revealed which drugs were given to Chloe.

Rivera was also charged with one count of indecent assault on a child younger than 14 and one count of indecent assault on a child older than 14. Individuals convicted of this charge serve jail time and must register as a sex offender and provide a DNA sample that is placed in the state’s DNA database.
Rivera was questioned by police at the Lawrence police station and is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday, May 28. Bail has been set at $750,000 in Lawrence District Court. No photos of Rivera or additional details have been made public. The teen who was with Chloe was not been charged.

Ricard’s Stepfather Said “There’s a Little Justice Coming”

Chloe’s stepfather Brian Dolan said he received a message from a police officer around 4 a.m. on Saturday, May 25, right after Rivera was taken into custody. Dolan told the Boston Herald that Rivera’s arrest had brought their family, “a little justice, a little peace.”
“I was happy. I know there’s a little justice coming, but I hope there’s more,” he said. Dolan shared that Chloe’s funeral and Rivera’s arraignment are both set for Tuesday. “That’s going to be a real tough day,” he said.

Chloe Ricard Cause of Death

An autopsy was performed on Tuesday, May 21. No information regarding Ricard’s cause of death has been released. The district attorney’s office stated it may take time for the chief medical examiner to make a ruling on the teen’s cause of death. Police say: Carlos Rivera gave Chloe Ricard and another teen drugs and assaulted her before dropping her off at a hospital

Chloe Ricard Biography