Who is Chinese Woman in IKEA Store Video – Viral Video of China IKEA Store

Chinese Woman in IKEA Store Video

A Viral Video of Chinese Woman in IKEA Store is trending on social media. In the Video, a Chinese woman openly masturbating in an IKEA store in China went viral. The clip itself is two minutes long and shows a woman, who has not been identified, in various inappropriate positions throughout the store.

Who is the Woman in IKEA Store Viral Video

The woman, who is wearing only a white shirt, touches herself inappropriately first on a chair, then on a bed in the store before eventually removing her shirt. Throughout the clip, shoppers can be seen walking past her.
The company did not reveal the identity of the woman or the person who filmed it, and they also didn’t say at which store this took place. Some people on social media have said they believe it is in the Chinese province of Guangdong due to the Cantonese store announcements common in parts of southern China. Heavy has reached out to IKEA for more information but did not immediately hear back.

Where is Viral Video of China IKEA Store

The Video Was Quickly Removed From Social Media in China After It Went Viral. The NSFW video quickly went viral before being completely removed from social media in China. IKEA’s statement in response to the clip received over 9 million views, showing just how popular the story was. In a statement published and translated by AFP, IKEA said: We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behaviour, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store.” It’s unclear if the police made any arrests in connection with the explicit video.
As the NY Post reported, many social media users pointed out that no one in the store is wearing masks, so it is believed that this incident took place before the COVID-19 outbreak spread through China in late January.