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Abdurehim Heyit death reported 9 February 2019 was an ethnic Uyghur Chinese poet and musician.

Abdurehim Heyit Biography

Heyit was renowned for his performances on the dutar, a two-stringed traditional instrument. He studied music in Beijing and performed with national art troupes in China. Around 2010, he was arrested and imprisoned, reportedly after performing a song, “Fathers”, based on a traditional Uyghur poem calling on younger generations to respect the sacrifices of their forefathers and containing a reference to the “martyrs of war”. He was reportedly serving an eight-year sentence.

The Uyghur people are a Turkic language-speaking group, and a spokesman for the Turkish foreign ministry described Heyit as a “distinguished poet”. We update all data about Abdurehim Heyit wiki, Abdurehim Heyit Biography, how old is and who is Abdurehim Heyit from a reliable source and other updates maybe publish as soon as available.

Chinese poet and musician Reported death

It was reported that he died in custody in Urumqi on 9 February 2019, after being tortured. He was reportedly being held in a detention camp on an eight-year sentence. His death was not officially confirmed, but the reports led to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs objecting to the treatment of ethnic Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province of China, describing them as “human rights violations” and noting the “systematic assimilation policy of Chinese authorities against the Uighur Turks is a great embarrassment for humanity”.

On 10 February, Chinese state media released a video claiming to show Heyit on that day, with the man shown stating that he was in “good health” and that he was “in the process of being investigated for allegedly violating national laws”. The US-based Uyghur Human Rights Project questioned the authenticity of the video.

International reaction on Abdurehim Heyit Death

The Turkish foreign ministry has accused China of holding Uyghurs in “concentration camps”. China has responded that Turkey’s comments are “completely unacceptable”. With the exception of Turkey’s statement, there has been little public condemnation from Muslim majority countries; analysts believe their complacence may be due to a fear of economic and political consequences.

Chinese state media has released a video appearing to show a Uighur musician previously reported to have died in a detention camp.

The video, dated 10 February, features a man said to be Abdurehim Heyit stating that he is in “good health”.

Turkey earlier called on China to close the camps following reports of his death. Up to a million Uighurs are reportedly being detained.

Some Uighurs have questioned the video’s authenticity.

Nury Turkel, chairman of the US-based Uyghur Human Rights Project, told the BBC that some aspects of the video were “suspicious”.

The Uighurs are a Muslim Turkic-speaking minority based in the north-western Xinjiang region of China, which has come under intense surveillance by Chinese authorities. Their language is close to Turkish and a significant number of Uighurs have fled to Turkey from China in recent years.

What is in the video of Abdurehim Heyit death?

The video was released by China Radio International’s Turkish-language service, which said Turkey’s criticism of China was unfounded.

What did Turkey say on Abdurehim death ?

Its foreign ministry had said that detained Uighurs were being subjected to “torture” in “concentration camps”.

Foreign ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said the reports of Mr. Heyit’s death “further strengthened the Turkish public’s reaction to the serious human rights violations in Xinjiang”.

“The reintroduction of concentration camps in the 21st Century and the systematic assimilation policy of Chinese authorities against the Uighur Turks is a great embarrassment for humanity,” Mr Aksoy said.

He called on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “to take effective steps to end the human tragedy” there.

China has described the comments as “completely unacceptable”.

How unusual is the Turkish stance on Heyit death?

So far few Muslim-majority countries have joined in public international condemnation of the allegations. Analysts say many fear political and economic retaliation from China.

However, Mr Turkel said the release of the video showed that the Chinese government did respond to public pressure.

“The Chinese government responds to Turkey because of the influence. It has in the Muslim world,” he said, adding that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had been “awfully quiet” on the issue of detentions in Xinjiang.

“The ball is in the Chinese government’s court. They detained Heyit. They detained 10% of the Uighur population. They are trying to tell the world there is no abuse and these are just so-called vocational training centers. It’s their responsibility to prove the video is authentic,” he said.

Mr Turkel said the Chinese government was capable of doctoring video because of the “technological advantages it has”.

What do we know about Heyit’s fate?

Amnesty International has said it is very concerned about reports of his death.

He was a celebrated player of the Dutar, a two-stringed instrument that is notoriously hard to master. At one time, he was venerated across China. He studied music in Beijing and later performed with national arts troupes.

Mr Heyit’s detention reportedly stemmed from a song he had performed titled Fathers. It takes its lyrics from a Uighur poem calling on younger generations to respect the sacrifices of those before them.

But three words in the lyrics – “martyrs of war” – apparently led Chinese authorities to conclude that Mr Heyit presented a terrorist threat.

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