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Cheyenne Floyd Wiki – Cheyenne Floyd Biography

Cheyenne Floyd, an MTV reality show regular who first appeared on Are You the One and then The Challenge. Rivals III, is currently starring on Teen Mom OG.

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd Early Life

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd was born in October 1992 and was raised in Los Angeles.

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd Education

According to her LinkedIn profile, Floyd attended Hampton University, which is a private historically black university in Virginia. She majored in public relations, minored in art, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2014.

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd Early Career

Floyd explained on her personal website, which was last updated when she was a senior in college, how her family’s extensive travels influenced her career ambitions.
“As a high school student, I began to get involved with photography and realized the amazing feeling of being able to capture a story through photographs. We were blessed to be able to travel all over the world, seeing countries such as Kenya, Hong Kong, Cuba, Mexico, and France, with my camera in hand. Not only did I explore and experience such places through my camera lens, but I was also able to capture my journey through photography. Sharing my photography has made a big impact on me, as I see how my photographs affect others.

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd Charity and Helping Others

I have always felt passionate about helping others around me and helping them tell their stories. In college, I have begun to understand and recognize who I am and my talents. Quick on my feet, I found public relations to fit my personality and welcomed the idea of being able to have the opportunity to help businesses make a name for themselves.”
On her resume, Floyd added that she did a lot of volunteer work as a college student. She said she mentored young women through an organization called Girls Inc. in Hampton. In Los Angeles, she worked with disabled children through Kids Enjoy Exercise Now. And while her family was in Nicaragua on missions trips, she helped to renovate buildings.

Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd Professional Career

After college, Floyd’s artistic side won out when it came time to pursue a career. She launched a fashion line called The RUU in 2015. She explained on the company’s website that she decided to open her own business in order to “follow in the steps of her entrepreneurial parents.” The RUU sells hats, fitness apparel and lingerie for women.
When she’s not filming reality shows, running her fashion business and taking care of her daughter, Cheyenne Floyd runs a non-profit organization. She and Cory Wharton launched Rage Regardless Ry in honor of their daughter, Ryder.
Ryder was born with a rare genetic disorder called VLCAD (very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency). According to the National Institutes of Health, VLCAD is a “condition that prevents the body from converting certain fats into energy, especially during periods without food.” The signs and symptoms of VLCAD deficiency usually appear during infancy or infancy and may include low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), lack of energy (lethargy) and muscle weakness. Those affected are also at risk for serious complications such as liver abnormalities and life-threatening heart problems. ”

Cheyenne Floyd Daughter

Floyd’s daughter, Ryder, was born in April of 2017. But she didn’t announce that her Challenge castmate, Cory Wharton, was the father until Ryder was six months old. Floyd and Wharton flirted during their season on the show together, but say they did not get together until the reunion show. Floyd has said she was dating someone else at the time she and Wharton hooked up, therefore she had to rely on a DNA test to determine Ryder’s paternity.
Wharton is currently competing on The Challenge: Total Madness, but he and Floyd’s co-parenting dynamic is also playing out on Teen Mom OG. Wharton is expecting a second child with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. His personal life is bound to be a topic of conversation at some point while he and the other Challengers are living in their underground bunker.
Rage Regardless Ry was founded to help support families raising children with metabolic conditions. Floyd and Wharton also explained on the site that they wanted to raise awareness and knowledge about VLCAD. Floyd also shares updated about her daughter’s life on her YouTube channel, “Cheyenne and Ryder K.”

Teen MOM Cheyenne Floyd

Cheyenne Floyd explained on Teen Mom that she and Cory Wharton were attracted to each other while filming The Challenge: Rivals III. They never acted on it during filming, but Floyd said they hooked up several months later after the reunion show.

Cheyenne Floyd Dating

Floyd was dating someone else at the time. After realizing she was pregnant, she was not sure which man had fathered her child. Wharton explained on the Domenick Nati Show in 2018 that Floyd informed him when she learned she was pregnant, but neither of them thought he was the father because they had gotten together only once. “That hookup turned into a baby,” Wharton said. “We didn’t think it was mine because it was only one time but it ended up being mine. Crazy, right? That sperm knew what they wanted! My sperm went right up and created a baby and now I’m here.”