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Who is Chas Bearse Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Chas Bearse Wiki – Chas Bearse Biography

Chas Bearse (also known as Charles Chas Bearse) is the husband of ex Mrs. Kentucky Ramsey Carpenter Bearse. Together with his family, they are heavily involved in Massey Energy, a mining company in West Virginia. When he heard about his wife’s arrest, he deleted his LinkedIn page. His wife, Ramsey Carpenter-Bearse, ex-Mrs. Kentucky, was arrested on charges of having sex with a young student.
He is also the head of the company’s Massey subsidiary, which operates the company’s Freedom Mine # 1 in Pike County, Ky.

Chas Bearse Age

Chas Bearse’s age is unclear.

Chas Bearse Wife

He is married to his wife Ramsey Carpenter Bearse. They got married in 2016.

Chas Bearse Kids

It is not clear whether Bearse and his wife Ramsey Carpenter Bearse have any children.

Chas Bearse Wedding

He got married to his wife Ramsey Carpenter Bearse at “My Old Kentucky Home” in July 2016.

Chas Bearse Wife’s Arrest and Charges

According to court documents, officials in Kanawha County received a complaint from the mother of a 15-year-old child on December 5. The mother said that her son received “inappropriate pictures” from the former teacher. He said his son went to Andrew Jackson Secondary School from six to the eighth grade. He taught for a while at school. One day later the officers met with him. They say that between August 2018 and October 2018 they agreed to send photos of their bare breasts to the young boy via Snapchat. Both children and defendants live in Kanawha District.
She faces four grave crimes to send sexually explicit material to a child. WCHS reported that he did not speak to reporters because he appeared in court. The authorities did not say whether there were any other victims involved in the case. WCHS adds that his lawyer says his client will receive the requested 10,000 percent or 10 percent cash bonds.