What You Don’t Know About Rupert Murdoch’s Granddaughter: Charlotte Freud Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Who is Charlotte Freud?

Charlotte Freud is widely known as the granddaughter of media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s granddaughter who had, as she puts it, “one of the most privileged upbringings of all time”. And yet, she says she became one of the biggest rebels.  The young, aspiring pop star said on an obscure podcast that she “overcompensated’ for her upbringing in school and ‘became the biggest, baddest rebel you’ve ever seen,” taking “loads of drugs.”

How old is Charlotte Freud?

Born 17 November 2000, Charlotte Freud is 21 years old as of the year 2021.

Charlotte Freud Murdoch

Freud said she was nicknamed ‘K-angel’ after the horse-tranquilizer drug ketamine. She said: “I was this crazy party girl but it was a persona.” Charlotte, the 21-year-old daughter of Elisabeth and PR mogul Matthew Freud, is one of Murdoch’s 13 grandchildren.

Her father is the great-grandson of the famous Sigmund Freud, known as the Father of Modern Psychology. Charlotte’s father openly fought Rupert by declining to invite him to his 50th birthday party in 2013, and Charlotte doesn’t seem to like him either, Tatler reported.

Freud wore a ‘Trust Rupert Murdoch’ sweatshirt by artist Hayden Kays while flicking through a book by Kays that included a controversial piece titled ‘The Sun is Fun’ with the headline ‘Celebrities, Rapes, Paedos, We Love It!’ under the familiar tabloid banner.

Elisabeth Murdoch Children

Elisabeth, Rupert Murdoch’s only daughter from his second marriage to Anna Murdoch Mann, was married to her second husband, public relations executive Matthew Freud from 2001 to 2014. Matthew was the son of former British MP Sir Clement Freud and great-grandson of Sigmund Freud.

In 2014, Freud’s sister, radio presenter Emma Freud, retweeted a message from former Sun editor David Yelland.

“Very sorry to read about the Matthew Freud-Elisabeth Murdoch split but what I do know is they’re both great parents,” the tweet said.

Charlotte Freud Parents

Charlotte Freud’s mother was concerned about her fashion decisions leading up to a family wedding, she told her Instagram followers in 2019, reported the Daily Mail. Her mother Elisabeth, she said, had hired a personal shopper to make sure the gown she selected didn’t reveal too much cleavage.

“My grandma’s getting married, so mum’s sending me to a personal shopper to make sure I cover my t**s up for the ceremony,” she said to her 6,548 followers.

Charlotte Freud Instagram

Her profile, which says “Government Official” also links to another Instagram profile as her “main”, called @thisistiarlie.

The bio on the profile reads “🍄I’m your other mother, silly 🍄”.

What did Charlotte Freud say in the podcast?

Charlotte Freud School

Speaking to Alice Sickface’s Wellbeing Podcast, Freud said the drug-taking earned her the nickname ‘K-angel’ after ketamine became her drug of choice. “Cocaine made me feel sick. But after doing my first line of ketamine I thought, ‘I’m addicted’,” she said.

Scandals in her household, including the discovery that her father, now 57, fathered a love child, turned her into a “huge ball of shame [but] when I found ketamine, it all just went away”. She moved in with her ‘very fun’ dad after her parents divorced and confessed: “I was doing all that stuff at home.”

“There were lots of parties… I hit rock bottom and had some medical emergencies but nothing stopped me,” she said.

Freud says she can’t imagine getting so low again. “I can’t describe the feeling of being trusted and having people that love you,” she said.

She said the awareness of mental health in her family did not stop “any of us” from “developing this stuff.” “I used to think that because I was very aware that I was an addict and I was aware that certain things my parents did affect me, and because I could pinpoint all of it,” she said.

“Well I know what’s going on so I’m fine, but it never made me want to change,” she added.

She also said that it was a lot harder to spot alcohol abuse than drug abuse. She said that alcohol is “a lot less stigmatized”.

“You can be the life and soul of a party and no one says: ‘You seem to be drunk a lot’,” she added.

Advising young people like her who “have been there”, Freud said: “Try and find something you care about more than getting high”. She said it was important to reach out to people, family friends, or “people on social media”. “There are people out there who are willing to listen to you,” she added.”

“Charlotte really shows and articulates in such a wonderful way how any person in the world can struggle with their mental health,” Sickface said in the post.

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