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Who is Charlie Mott Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Charlie Mott Wiki – Charlie Mott Biography

One of the BBC’s co-producers on The One Show died one weekend after being entangled in a shower hose at a country house where he was out drinking with friends, today a forensic officer has decided.


Charlie Mott, described as ‘extremely talented’ by TV host Alex Jones, was participating in drinking games in the five-bedroom house.


Despite being only 25 years old, Charlie, who had previously worked with host Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2, was enjoying a famous broadcasting career.


The investigation was told that the Londoner died of being hanged, but after the forensic officer concluded that there was no evidence that he wanted to kill himself, he made a clear decision.


Crispin Butler, Buckinghamshire’s senior forensic officer, said there was insufficient evidence to determine whether the death was an accident – the result of a drunken slippage – or suicide.


He said: “There were mood swings that evening, but people who knew Charlie said he was Charlie.


“It looks like he fell into the shower cabin drunk and couldn’t save himself.


Following his tragic death, One Show host Alex Jones fought back to tears while commemorating Charlie on air.


While closing The One Show on August 25, he told viewers: ‘Before we left now, we wanted to pay tribute to one of our colleagues, Charlie Mott, who sadly died over the weekend.


Everyone in the team is absolutely devastated. It was a very talented and very good company. We miss him so much. Our thoughts are with his family and here we send more love than all of us, ‘he said.


As a homage to Charlie, The One Show did not feature upbeat theme music when rolling its credits after the show.


The investigation in Bucks, Beaconsfield, heard that Charlie Mott traveled to a £ 2m village house with a friend from the university, his flatmate, and a group of friends went to a £ 2m country house where he spent the day hiking and drinking at a local bar.


After returning home, the group spent the night playing drinking games, including guess the celebrities, and the coroner heard that Charlie was ‘in good shape’ and was joking and laughing.


The investigation was told how the broadcaster, who joined the BBC in 2018, experienced mood swings during the night, even telling a friend at the party that he hated him.


He told the investigation, ‘The mood was fluctuating, but that was normal behavior for Charlie.


About an hour before he was found, Charlie told me that he hated him and how unhappy he was.


In the early hours of August 23 this year, a friend discovered Charlie’s body in the en suite bathroom.


After screaming for help, the friends called 999 just after 4 am and started CPR to save Charlie, but it was too late.


Tragically, paramedics from the South Central Ambulance Service confirmed that he died at 4.54 am.


A pathologist conducted a post-mortem examination and concluded that Charlie died of hanging after being found hanging forward on his knees.


Buckinghamshire coroner, Chalfont St. During the party at Bucks, Giles was believed Charlie consumed eight liters of beer before moving on to spirits and liqueurs.


Following his death, toxicologist John Slaughter confirmed that Charlie had more than twice the alcoholic beverage limit associated with “judgment and bewilderment”.


Judge Crispin Butler told the devastated family: ‘It is an unusual definition not to have formed a tie in the loop of the shower hose.


“This, combined with drunkenness, creates questions for which we don’t have answers.”


Charlie lived in London with his friend from Bournemouth University, where he graduated from multimedia journalism.


The friend claimed that the evening before his death, Charlie’s mood was fluctuating.


He said: ‘We knew he was taking antidepressants and at the party he went from happy to unhappy, but that was commonplace for Charlie.


Around 2 o’clock Charlie came to my room. He seemed to be wandering aimlessly.


‘Then someone ran into the room and’ Charlie purple. ‘I was in bed when he shouted. I started CPR, the shower hose left a notch and it was cold and blue. He never mentioned any suicidal thoughts or feelings. ‘


The forensic officer explained that although he had been prescribed a medication for depression a month before his death, he had ‘felt bad for several years’, but should not make an assumption that Charlie had mental health problems.


During the investigation, Charlie’s mother and partner, his father and new partner, Charlie’s grandfather and his sister were sitting with his partner.


The forensic officer told them: ‘There is no clear way to do something clearly that he is doing the action in a positive way. I don’t see this being intentional.

‘One must not make assumptions based on engagement with the doctors or mood swings, the facts need to support it. We need to identify that he undertook an act with the intention that his life will end as a result.

‘There is nothing that has been constructed, it seems possible that he stumbled into it in an intoxicated state and not understanding what was going on, he was not able to free himself. If you succumb to unconsciousness you will be unable to save yourself quite rapidly.

‘It is all the more tragic as we do not fully understand the mechanics of what occurred. How Charlie became entangled in a shower hose – whether that was something he was intending or equally it happened by him stumbling into it and not being able to recover – is not known.

‘He had consumed a quantity of alcohol and anti-depressants which have intoxicating effects. Ultimately, the mechanics of how he came to be in the shower hose we do not know.’

The coroner recorded an open verdict.