Cedric Charles Moore, Jr Missouri Man Sucker Punches Dancing 12-Year-Old Boy in Cape Girardeau

Cedric Charles Moore, Jr Missouri Man Sucker Punches Dancing 12-Year-Old Boy

Cedric Charles Moore, Jr. has been identified as the man accused of attacking a 12-year-old boy who was dancing on the sidewalk in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on July 3. Moore approached the child from behind and sucker-punched him in the head without any warning or provocation, video of the incident showed.

Moore left the scene immediately after punching. The police said in a statement that Moore was facing two heavy charges for the attack. The officers issued an order for Moore’s arrest, but as of this writing, he had not yet been arrested.

The attack occurred around 23:40. July 3 Main Street near Independence Street in Cape Girardeau, Missouri city center. The police said that the 12-year-old was at the time with his dance coach Michael Curry and another student. As seen in the video, while the Curry and a second boy were sitting next to the audio equipment, the victim was moving on the sidewalk. The video was shot on Facebook Live.

Moore climbed onto the sidewalk where the police described it as a dark sports vehicle. The plate did not appear in the video. It was noted that Moore was out of the vehicle by the passenger. He made his own dance on the sidewalk, keeping his arms in the air while approaching the boy.

Moore later hit the boy behind the head with “excessive force” as the police described, causing the boy to fall to the ground. Curry “Hey!” Yell. and they went after Moore, who had jumped into the car before going away. The entire change took less than 20 seconds.

The 12-year-old boy looked dazed after he was hit on the ground. He quickly sat down and watched the car move away before touching his hand to his face. The audience stood up when he came to check it out. He bent several times and looked unstable.

Her mother, Stephanie Hagler, did not witness the attack, but she was close by at the time. He said he noticed a “pool of blood” on the sidewalk when he came to NPS-connected WPSD-TV. Her son’s face and nose were bleeding, and one of the businesses in the area had given him ice and paper towels.

Hagler aid his son was having a concussion. He was treated at a local hospital and expected to be good. But he said he was confused about why he was attacked. He’s a good boy. ‘He didn’t deserve it,’ said Hagler. “He did nothing but trying to have a good time and a good time for other people.”

An order was issued for Moore’s arrest, but the researchers haven’t found him yet. Cape Girardeau Police warned that anyone trying to help Moore escape without arrest may also face charges. Referring to the police, KFVS-TV reported that Moore’s family members and friends were not cooperating while officers were calling him.

Missouri court records show that Moore was charged in two respects: Felony Attack on Level 2 and Danger to the Welfare of a Child on Level 1. Moore’s bond is already set at just $ 50,000 in cash. Court records show that if he was able to send bonds, Moore would not be allowed to leave the state, be banned from possessing any firearm and was ordered to stay away from the victim and witnesses.

The victim’s dance teacher, Michael Curry, told TMZ that he hoped the police would find Moore soon. “Anyone who wants to hit such a child doesn’t say what to do next.”

According to the child dance teacher, Moore did not recognize the 12-year-old victim. Curry told Southeast Missourian that no one in the dance studio, including other teachers and students, had any history or knowledge before the attack.

Curry, the owner of the Fingerprint Dance Studio, told the newspaper that he and his students had been performing impromptu performances in the city center for the past two years. He added to WPSD-TV that folk dances give students the chance to “showcase what we’re working on.”

The boy’s mother, Stephanie Hagler, told WLOX-TV that he was out without incident at least a dozen ago with his son’s dance instructor. “He dedicated his life to that too, you know, he’s doing homework to dance.”

Court records in Missouri show Moore was on probation for domestic assault at the time of the July 3 attack. Anyone with information on Moore’s whereabouts was asked to call 573-339-6313 or text “CAPEPD” to 847411.