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Cat Yezbak Bio – Cat Yezbak Wiki

Cat Yezbak is a musician and a  co CEO of Small Beautiful Things NYC. She is best known as the girlfriend of former “What Not to Wear” host Stacy London. According to Cat Yezbak’s Instagram bio, she is a musician and hot sauce connoisseur.

Cat Yezbak Age

There is no much information concerning Cat that is in the public domain but it will be updated.

Stacy London’s Girlfriend Cat Yezbak

Stacy London has a relationship with the musician Cat Yezbak. London confirmed her relationship with Yezbak in an Instagram post. London wrote on Instagram: “NOT THAT IT’S YOUR COMPANY, BUT … I can just as well deal with all the things that I hear floating around out there. 2019 was a crazy year for many reasons. This first year of dealing with grief and a lot of unforeseen health problems was a really dark place at times, but like most of life there was an unbelievable joy, and the person who is most responsible for it is @catyezbak, who is my girlfriend and has been since over a year. Some of you may have guessed that. All my friends and family know them well. I didn’t show them around on social media for several reasons: 1) I had public relationships before and I don’t think that’s great. But I want to make it clear here that at Cat I felt I owe us the chance to be private as this is my first serious relationship with a woman and i’m sure there will be some hocus pocus. But I would never hide them out of shame. 2.) It is really easy for me, a privileged white woman who is 50 years old, to say suddenly “I am with a woman” with very little impact, and I am very well aware of it. Unlike me, there are countless people in the LGBTQIAP community who have no choice who they are, no love of family to support, no support from anyone. I fell in love, really fell in love with this beautiful, sexy, friendly soul and I will not apologize for it, but I stand on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell to do this openly and proudly and EASILY. It’s one thing to say that love is love. It is another thing to say that love is passion and devotion and sex, and it means without shame or prejudice to talk about the same gender. So I made an appointment with men. Now I have an appointment with her. That’s it. That’s all i have to say Happy new year to everyone. I wish you the best of everything for the coming year. Bring it in 2020. Let’s go. (AND ALSO: all terrible comments are deleted immediately. My account does not tolerate any hatred.) ”

Who Is Stacey London

Stacy London is an American fashion consultant and media personality. She was a fashion magazine editor at Vogue magazine. She later became the senior fashion editor at Mademoiselle. She ahs styled celebrities such as Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet among others. She also co-hosted ‘What Not to Wear.’ She also worked as a fashion reporter for Access Hollywood, The Early Show, and the Today Show. She co-owns Style for Hire and is the creative director of Westfield Style.

Stacey London Age

Stacey is 50 years old; she was born on May 25, 1969.

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