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Who is Casey Goodson Jr Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Casey Goodson Jr Wiki – Casey Goodson Jr Biography

The Ohio police officer, who shot a 23-year-old black man in front of his home last week, was pictured for the first time as he ordered the murder of a forensic officer.


Franklin County Deputy Sheriff Jason Meade is accused of shooting dead Casey Christopher Goodson Jr. while entering his home in Columbus last Friday.


Meade, who was working on an unrelated investigation with the US Marshal’s Southern Ohio Fugitive Task Force at the time, appeared before him after claiming that Goodson was waving a gun.


At a press conference, US Marshal Peter Tobin said Goodson was ordered to lay down his gun, and when he failed to do so, the deputy shot him. He was later hospitalized where he died.


The FBI announced on Tuesday that it was reviewing the fatal attack with the city police department, where the lawsuit was filed for failing to oversee the investigations of its attorneys.


The events leading up to Goodson’s death remain uncertain as both his family and law enforcement officials have provided conflicting details.


Relatives alleged that Goodson held a sandwich and not a gun when he was shot, and that two young children and their grandmother were killed while inside his house, not outside, as authorities alleged.


Visible evidence of the incident is missing, as the Sheriff’s Office does not provide body cameras to the officers, and the deputy SWAT vehicle lacks a dash-mounted camera.


The Franklin County Coroner’s Office said on Wednesday that a preliminary autopsy was conducted that revealed that Goodson died from ‘multiple gunshot wounds in his torso’ on Tuesday.


Dr Anahi Ortiz listed the cause of death as murder, a medical diagnosis used in cases where someone died at the hands of another, but it is not a legal finding and does not imply criminal intent.


The police said that only the deputy sheriff ‘shot’ Goodson, without detailing how many shots were fired.


Ortiz said the final autopsy results were not expected for at least three months.


Chandra Brown, the lawyer representing Goodson’s family, said the preliminary autopsy report published five days after Goodson’s death did not resolve the conflicting accounts.


“It’s about the bodies that have been in their hands for so long and the gunfire still can’t confirm entry or exit wounds,” Brown said on Wednesday. Said.


“It looks deliberately vague and we look forward to receiving the official autopsy report when it becomes available.” The forensic office declined to comment.


Goodson’s relatives and law enforcement agencies gave conflicting details about Goodson’s death.


“My granddaughter was just shot in the back when she came home,” Goodson’s grandmother told an officer on a 911 call. I don’t know if it’s good or not.


“Goodson had just gone to the dentist,” he told the officer, not knowing what had happened or who shot him.


“They shot him in the back three times, [Casey] had food in his hand and was unlocking the door as he entered. The officer was between the curtain door and the big door when he fired,” his mother Tamala Payne said in a Facebook post.


Goodson, who was injured by the sound of a gun, then fell into the house where he was lying in the kitchen.


Wednesday’s autopsy report showed Goodson what had been hit in the torso, although it was not clear where the bullets had entered.


Payne later shared a photo of her son’s license to carry guns on Facebook.


Payne told ABC6: “ He doesn’t have any orders, he’s never gotten into trouble in his life.


The gunfight involving police took place in the middle of a year marked by nationwide protests against police brutality, triggered by the custody death of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.


Goodson’s death sparked local demonstrations this week, and activists demanded officers to post body camera footage of the incident.


The Columbus Police Department, which was not involved in the incident or the task force’s investigation, said on Sunday that there were no footage of the shooting as task force officers were not provided with body cameras.


The police department added that no other officers witnessed the shooting and that no eyewitnesses were identified.

Columbus Police also confirmed Goodson was not a target of the task force operation.

US Attorney David M. DeVillers on Tuesday announced the incident is now under investigation by the Columbus Police Department’s Critical Incident Response Team as well as the FBI.

‘After being briefed about the circumstances surrounding the incident by CPD, I believe a federal investigation is warranted,’ DeVillers said in a press release.

‘I have contacted the FBI and have requested that they work in conjunction with CPD to investigate this case through our office.’

DeVillers said authorities will ‘take appropriate action if the evidence indicates any federal civil rights laws were violated.’

On Sunday, the Franklin County sheriff’s office publicly named the shooter as deputy sheriff Jason Meade, a 17-year veteran on permanent assignment to the US Marshal task-force.

He is not currently on duty and is awaiting interview by the Columbus Division of Police Critical Incident and Response Team (CIRT), which is investigating the incident.

The matter also will be presented to a county grand jury for consideration.

Pete Tobin, the US Marshal for the Southern District of Ohio, said at a press conference that he believed the shooting was justified.

He said that the task force had completed its work and was wrapping up, when a man drove past.

‘He was seen driving down the street waving a gun,’ Tobin said.

‘That’s when the deputy, at some point after that, he confronted him. And it went badly.’

Tobin claimed that Goodson was out of his vehicle when Meade approached him to confront him about the gun and allegedly ordered him to drop the gun before shooting, USA Today reported. 

Goodson was taken to Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital, where he later died.

The sheriff’s office, citing the US Marshal’s office, said the s
uspect’s weapon was recovered at the scene.

They did not say if Goodson had drawn or pointed the weapon at the officers at the time, or if he happened to be holding one when he was shot.

Sean Walton, the family’s legal representative, said he had concerns over the transparency of the investigation after Tobin declared the shooting ‘justified’ at the Sunday press conference, prior to an independent investigation.

‘No investigation has been conducted, to our knowledge,’ he told The Columbus Dispatch.

‘At that point they had not even began their investigation. So at the beginning of an investigation to say it’s justified.

‘Well tell us why it’s justified because at that point Casey was a law-abiding citizen entering his home after leaving an appointment with his dentist while carrying food.’

About 40 people attended a Saturday night vigil for Goodson, hosted by the People’s Justice Project.

They are demanding that officials release body camera footage, police reports and conduct both an independent autopsy report and an independent prosecutor’s investigation, according to the People’s Justice Project’s Facebook page.

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s office claimed that the sheriff’s office does not have body cameras.

A GoFundMe set up to help the family pay for funeral costs has raised more than $70,000.

Heather Johnson, a family friend, told USA Today: ‘Casey was 23 years old, he never had any type of crimes. He was good, he worked at the Gap, he loved his family.’

She added: ‘He just enjoyed being a big brother and enjoyed being with his family. He loved them very much.’

Goodson’s sister Kaylee Harper posted on Facebook: ‘My brother literally walked across the yard, walked into the back fence to get to the side door, had his Subway (sandwich) and (COVID) mask in one hand keys in the other, unlocked and opened the door and stepped in the house before (police shot) him. If he was such a threat,’ she wrote, ‘why did you wait so long to shoot?!’

She added on Twitter: ‘He didn’t deserve this. Another innocent black man gunned down by the police. He was so young and had so much life left in him. I can’t take it. My brother really did nothing wrong. My heart literally heart right now. I love you Casey Goodson.’