'Fatal Attraction killer' Released From Jail: Carolyn Warmus Biography, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know
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'Fatal Attraction killer' Released From Jail: Carolyn Warmus Biography, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carolyn Warmus Biography

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Carolyn Warmus is an American former elementary school teacher who, at the age of 28, was convicted of the 1989 murder of her lover’s wife, 40-year-old Betty Jeanne Solomon. After a hung jury at her first trial in 1991, Warmus was convicted of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm at her second trial in 1992. She served 27 years for the murder and was finally released from prison on June 17, 2019.

Warmus was an inmate at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, Westchester County, New York. During her incarceration, she received multiple affirmed disciplinary events, which were referenced during her first parole denial in early 2017. That same year, Warmus, claiming her innocence, asked that glove evidence discovered by her ex-lover Paul Solomon between the first and second trials be tested for DNA. As of October 2017, the glove has not been tested. Warmus will be eligible for parole again in the summer of 2018.

The murder case attracted national media attention and led to comparisons with the 1987 film Fatal Attraction, about a love affair that turns deadly. The Warmus case went on to inspire made-for-TV movies, six different episodes across multiple television broadcasters and at least one book.

Carolyn Warmus Age

He was born on January 8, 1964, and 55 Years old.
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Carolyn Warmus Early life

Carolyn Warmus was born in 1964 in Troy, Michigan and grew up in Birmingham, an affluent suburb of Detroit. Her father, Thomas A. Warmus, was a self-made millionaire who accumulated his fortune in the insurance business, founding the American Way Life Insurance Company of Southfield. In 1989, Thomas’s assets were estimated at $150 million. He owned eight jets; two yachts; estates in Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and New York; along with fifteen cars.

In 1970, Thomas’ wife Elizabeth filed for divorce and, after two years, won custody of Warmus and her two younger siblings. The divorce decree was handed down when Warmus was eight years old.
Warmus received good grades, played basketball and graduated from Seaholm High School in Birmingham. In 1981, she enrolled at the University of Michigan. After graduating with a degree in psychology, Warmus moved to New York City. Soon after, she earned a master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University and landed a job in September 1987 at Greenville Elementary School in Scarsdale, New York. There, she met soon-to-be lover Paul Solomon, a fifth-grade teacher, along with his family, wife Betty Jeanne and daughter Kristan.
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Carolyn Warmus Crime and investigation

Early in the evening of January 15, 1989, a New York Telephone operator received a call from a woman in distress. When the call was abruptly disconnected, she alerted police, but they found nothing because the reverse directory had an incorrect address. At 11:42 pm, the body of Betty Jeanne was found in the family’s Greenburgh condominium by Solomon. She had been pistol-whipped in the head and shot nine times in her back and legs.

The investigation initially focused on Solomon, whose alibi was he had stopped briefly at a local bowling alley to see friends and then spent the evening with Warmus in Yonkers at the Holiday Inn’s Treetops Lounge. Once Warmus and Solomon left the lounge, they went to her car and had sexual relations. When Warmus and additional witnesses confirmed his alibis, detectives turned their attention elsewhere. Solomon broke off his relationship with Warmus and became involved with a new girlfriend, fellow teacher Barbara Ballor.
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Police suspicions shifted to Warmus when she began to relentlessly stalk Solomon, following him and Ballor to Puerto Rico and calling Ballor’s family in an effort to end the relationship. When investigators gained information that Warmus had obtained a .25 caliber Beretta pistol with a silencer shortly before the murder, Detective Richard Constantino checked calls made from Warmus’ home phone on January 15. He discovered one made at 3:02pm to Ray’s Sport Shop in North Plainfield, New Jersey. Store records indicated the only female to purchase .25-caliber ammunition that day was Liisa Kattai from Long Island. When questioned, Kattai denied ever being in the shop or buying ammunition. Further investigation determined that Kattai’s driver’s license had been lost or stolen while she was employed at a summer job, where one of her co-workers was Warmus. Police now had enough evidence to make an arrest.

‘Fatal Attraction killer’ Story Published

A 34-page booklet titled Fatal Attraction: The True Story of Carolyn Warmus, authored by Susan Butler, provides a quick factual read on her case, published: 6 August 2016.
Author Mike Gallagher released the book Lovers of Deceit: Carolyn Warmus and the “Fatal Attraction”. The writing covers the shooting of her lover’s wife in cold blood and recounts the circumstances leading up to and during the trial, published: 1 May 1993,

‘Fatal Attraction killer’ Released From Jail After 27 Years

The murderess known as the Fatal Attraction killer, Carolyn Warmus, has been released from prison after serving 27 years for the murder of her lover’s wife.

Warmus, 55, was granted parole last month and was released on Monday.

The New York Daily News reports that she will be living in the state of New York but further details of her release are not known.

Warmus killed Betty Jean Solomon, her lover’s wife, by shooting her nine times in 1989.

She had been having an affair with Solomon’s husband Paul.

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She was 23 when they began their affair after meeting at the school where she taught.

They dated for a year-and-a-half, during which Paul is said to have promised her that he would leave his wife once their teenage daughter, Kristan, graduated high school.

Warmus killed Betty Jean, prosecutors said, to merely get her out of their way.

After shooting her nine times in her family home, prosecutors said she went to meet Paul in a hotel bar for cocktails then had sex with him in his car.

Betty Jean had also been pistol-whipped. Her husband found her bloody body when he got home from his tryst with Warmus.

Warmus, the daughter of a millionaire insurance executive, got away with it for more than a year. Police initially suspected that Paul had killed his wife but they never charged him.

It was only when he went to Puerto Rico, with a new girlfriend, and was followed there by Warmus that authorities started suspecting her.

He told them that she was stalking him and had followed him to the island uninvited.

She insisted that he did invite her to be there.

She was indicted 13 months after Betty Jean’s death after police discovered she had purchased a gun from Vincent Parco, a private detective, days before the shooting but has always denied the killing and claims Paul set her up.

Parco remains behind bars on unrelated charges.

The killing was compared to the Glenn Close film, Fatal Attraction, which came out two years before the murder.

Warmus was put on trial twice; the first, at which she protested her innocence, ended in a hung jury.

She was convicted of second degree murder at the second trial.

As part of Warmus’ release, she must adhere to a curfew and either have employment or enroll herself in an educational program.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Warmus was jailed for 25 years to life in 1991 for shooting Betty Jean Solomon
  • She had been having an affair with Solomon’s husband Paul for a year
  • They met at the school where Carolyn was teaching in Westchester, New York 
  • She shot Betty Jean nine times in her home in 1989 but got away with it for a year
  • Prosecutors said she was trying to get Betty Jean ‘out of the way’ 
  • Carolyn has always denied the killing and says that Paul set her up 
  • She will now live somewhere in New York and will have to adhere to a curfew
  • The 55-year-old was granted parole last month and was released on Monday