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Caroline Calloway Biography

Caroline Calloway Biography

Caroline Gotschall Calloway is an American Instagram personality. Born in Falls Church, Virginia, Calloway now lives in New York, she is an alumna of Phillips Exeter Academy and a graduate of the University of Cambridge, where she studied history of art at St Edmund’s College.

Caroline Calloway Wiki

Caroline is a Instagram influencer with almost 800,000 followers. A self-described “writer, art historian, and teacher,” she first became internet famous for diaristic captions chronicling her misadventures as an American undergrad at Cambridge University and was later known for the mysterious dissolution of her big book deal. After that, Caroline fell out of the public eye for a year but returned this past January on a tour to promote her “Creativity Workshop,” which was billed as a tutorial to “architect a life that feels really full and genuine and rich and beautiful” but ended up being compared to a one-woman Fyre Fest. She charged participants $165 a head and sold the tickets before booking venues, made promises she couldn’t deliver on (orchid crowns, “cooked” salad), and, true to form, posted the whole fiasco in real time. It seemed like the entire internet saw a pallet of 1,200 Mason jars delivered to her studio apartment and her pleas for ticket buyers in Philadelphia to just take the train to New York. She became a symbol of, as journalist Kayleigh Donaldson put it, “The Empty Mason Jar of the Influencer Economy,” which prompted Caroline to begin selling T-shirts that read “Stop Hate Following Me, Kayleigh.”

Caroline Calloway Age

She is 28 years old.

Caroline Calloway Family, Parents, Education

Caroline Calloway born to William and Catherine Gotschall, she attended Phillips Exeter Academy and New York University, where she studied the history of art and interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She revealed on Instagram that she legally changed her name at age 17 from Caroline Calloway Gotschall to Caroline Gotschall Calloway.

Calloway graduated with an undergraduate degree in art history at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, in 2016. In the final year of her degree, she completed a dissertation entitled “Artworks or Preliminaries? An Evaluation of Cecil Beaton’s Scrapbooks.”

Natalie Beach and Caroline Calloway

Natalie Beach wrote a lengthy tell-all article for The Cut, titled “I Was Caroline Calloway,” about her seven-year friendship with Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway.

Calloway and Beach met at New York University when Beach was a sophomore, and quickly became friends when Colloway took interest in Beach for her New Haven roots. Specifically, her knowledge of Yale.

Beach claims she wrote most of Calloway’s memoir, which she sold the rights for, for $500,000. Colloway canceled the plans for her book in 2017, which resulted in her only earning 30 percent of the $500,000 deal.

Beach also has claimed to have written most of Colloway’s famous novel-style Instagram captions, in the early days of the Influencer’s rise to fame, up until 2016.

Caroline Calloway’s Instagram followers have known for several days that this article was coming, as Calloway posted about it herself on several occasions. In her first post, Calloway wrote in part, “Everything in Natalie’s article will be brilliant and beautifully expressed and true. I know this not because I have read her essay but because Natalie is the best writer I know.”

Caroline Calloway Instagram


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