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Carlos Eduardo Mora is identified as the suspect of the kidnapping of young sisters, on dead, and other is in critical condition.

  • Stephanie Chacon, 13, was pronounced dead at the scene near Phoenix
  • Her 12-year-old sister, Hayli Chacon, remains in a critical condition in hospital
  • The two girls were kidnapped by their uncle Carlos Eduardo Mora, 27
  • Mora drove off with the two girls in the back of the car on Wednesday evening
  • The girls were heard screaming on the phone and found later by the highway
  • Mora was arrested on Wednesday evening and charged with murder

Police in Arizona have arrested Carlos Eduardo Mora who kidnapped two of his nieces, who were found hours later on the side of the highway with serious injuries.
The 13-year-old, named by relatives as Stephanie Chacon, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her 12-year-old sister, Hayli Chacon, was flown to a Phoenix-area hospital where she remains in an extremely critical condition.
The girls’ uncle Carlos Eduardo Mora, 27, of Phoenix, was with their mother, the girls and another man at a family home on Wednesday evening when the two men and girls decided to drive to a local convenience store.
According to Fox 10, the Public Security troops found girls identified by their parents as 13-year-old Stephanie Chacon and her 12-year-old sister Hayli around 21:30. Wednesday. Paramedics said that Stephanie died at the scene, and Hayli was taken to a hospital in Phoenix.
Later, the soldiers learned that the Phoenix Police Department was investigating a kidnapping incident involving the same two victims early in the evening. The suspect was the uncle of the girls, Carlos Eduardo Mora. 27.
The soldiers also learned about a man wearing bloody clothes at a gas station in Wickenburg. He initially gave the soldiers a fake ID, but later on, the investigators confirmed that he was Mora when he found the car he was driving with his identity inside.
The investigation revealed that the girls’ mother, Mora, and another man were at a residence in Phoenix at 18:30. When the guy and the girls decide to go to a grocery store. The girls got into the car and the unidentified man who was going to drive came back home. Witnesses said that Mora jumped into the driver’s seat and stepped up and hit the other man with a vehicle while trying to stop him.
Family members said that they reached the girls briefly on the phone, according to YourValley.net, and that Mora was driving wildly before the call was interrupted.
Mora was booked to Maricopa County Prison due to first degree murder, heavy assault, kidnapping and theft of transportation vehicles. It is held on a $ 1 million bond.
According to court documents, Mora told the detectives that he had taken the car and went to Wickenbur.
The court admitted, “Mora admitted that she saw people in the vehicle and screamed at the female voices, but the voices were gone when she continued to sway the vehicle. “Mora remembers the events of the evening until she encounters direct questions based on interviews with the girls, then she cannot remember and hears voices.”
Victims cousin Briana Campos told Fox 10 that Stephanie and Hayli were inseparable.
“They did everything together,” he said. “They went to school together. They liked being around each other. You will love his brother, but they were the closest age. ”
“The minute Hayli reacted, she was asking her sister,” he said.