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Carla Stefaniak Wiki: Costa Rica investigation agency representative Marisol Rodríguez Solís as spoken communication that huntsman-dogs had discovered the body partially buried in plastic luggage.

Carla Stefaniak’s family are trying to find her in Costa Rica. They feared Carla Stefaniak had been abducted, spoken communication. Carla Stefaniak was in “imminent danger”.

Carla Stefaniak, from the Miami area, and her in-law Apr Burton was visiting Costa Rica to celebrate Stefaniak’s birthday, however, Burton came back to Florida daily before Stefaniak.

The women had stayed at an Airbnb rental within the San Jose suburban area of Escazu.

The last time Burton saw Carla Stefaniak was once Carla Stefaniak dropped her off at the airport on twenty-seven Nov 2018.

Stefaniak then reportedly took associate degree Uber from the airport to try to some looking at around San Jose before Carla Stefaniak was born off at the Airbnb. Carla Stefaniak had been actively electronic messaging friends and family throughout the day.

Her final text to a friend around 21:00 standard time indicated it absolutely was raining hard and also the power in her Airbnb accommodation had gone out. Family and friends texted Stefaniak for her birthday on twenty-eight Nov 2018 however received no response.
Stefaniak had a flight regular on twenty-eighth Nov, that Carla Stefaniak had checked in and regular an Uber. The Airbnb Costa Rica rental owner and native security guards said they saw her get into an unknown car along with her bags at around 05:00 civil time, per the family. However, the family doesn’t believe the five a.m. story since the flight was regular for one p.m.

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here is no official confirmation of the identity of the person found.

Carla Stefaniak, 36, disappeared on 28 November, the day Carla Stefaniak was due to leave from San Jose after a birthday trip with her sister-in-law.

In her last message, Carla Stefaniak told a friend the power was going out, adding the area was “pretty sketchy”, or unsafe.

NBC News quoted investigating agency spokeswoman Marisel Rodríguez Solís as saying that tracker dogs had discovered the body partially buried in plastic bags.

Ms. Stefaniak’s family have been looking for her in Costa Rica. They feared Carla Stefaniak had been kidnapped, saying Carla Stefaniak was in “imminent danger”.

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