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Who is Carl Lentz (Hillsong Church pastor) Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Carl Lentz (Hillsong Church pastor) Wiki – Carl Lentz (Hillsong Church pastor) Biography

  • Lee Martin told The Sun he heard the disgraced pastor and the celebrity having sex in Lentz’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment one time in 2014 
  • Martin claimed he could hear ‘sex noises’ coming from the bedroom when he went to collect Lentz’s dog and so he left the apartment 
  • He then bumped into Lentz and the young celebrity by the elevator ‘looking flushed’, he said
  • The celeb was not identified but Martin said she was several years Lentz’s junior 
  • Martin said he worked as a dog walker for Lentz in NYC for several years 
  • Lentz was fired in November from the global megachurch and confessed he had cheated on his wife of 17 years Laura   

A dog walker has claimed he caught Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz having sex with a young celebrity back in 2014, in the latest sordid cheating allegation to rock the famous pastor.

Lee Martin, who worked as a dog walker for Lentz in Brooklyn, New York City, for several years, told The Sun he heard the disgraced pastor and the celebrity having sex in Lentz’s Williamsburg apartment one time when he went to pick up his dog.

Martin claimed he could hear noises coming from the bedroom and left the apartment but then bumped into the pair by the elevator ‘looking flushed.’

The celebrity in question has not been identified by The Sun but Martin said she was several years Lentz’s junior.

Lentz, who brought Hillsong from Australia to the US and famously baptized Justin Bieber, was fired in November from the global megachurch and confessed the following day that he had cheated on his wife of 17 years Laura Lentz with 34-year-old fashion designer Ranin Karim.

Since then, a number of other alleged sex scandals have emerged with Hillsong founder Brian Houston claiming in a bombshell audio recording that the ousted pastor had ‘more than one affair’.

Lentz was also accused of sexual misconduct as far back as 2017, according to leaked emails obtained by DailyMail.com earlier this month.

Martin said he walked in on the sordid encounter back in 2014 when he let himself in to Lentz’s apartment to take his dog for a walk.

He said he thought the apartment was empty at first before he noticed what he described as ‘sex noises’ coming from one of the bedrooms.

‘[The Lentz family] lived in a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I had the majority of my dog walking business,’ he told The Sun.

‘I walked into the house one day to walk their dog and I didn’t see or hear any people in the apartment at first.

‘So I took it that no one was there and went in and got their dog on a leash.

He added: ‘And as I went to exit the apartment, I walked past the bedroom and I heard sex noises – it definitely sounded like two people were having sex.’

Martin said he was ‘kind of shocked’ but was used to encountering intimate moments as part of his job entering people’s homes.

He said he believes the pair didn’t know anyone was in the house so he tried to let himself out quietly, but accidentally disturbed the illicit rendezvous when he closed the apartment door.

‘I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there because nobody would be making those kinds of noises if they knew someone was around,’ he said.

‘When I walked out of the door, I accidentally let the door close behind me too loud.’

Martin said he bumped into the pair at the lift where the duo appeared sheepish and didn’t acknowledge him.

‘And so by the time I made it to the elevator, Carl and the star were right behind me,’ he said.

‘He didn’t look me in the eye, and didn’t talk to me or acknowledge me, which was very unlike him.

‘They both seemed kind of flushed – like they had been having sex.’

Martin added: ‘I didn’t see into the bedroom but I know what I heard and I believe what I heard was Carl and the celebrity having sex with each other.’

The pastor’s longtime dog walker also hit out as his former employer saying he had a ‘manipulative, almost grooming vibe’ and didn’t act ‘like a pastor at all’.

‘I would see him parading around the neighborhood with his shirt off, wearing thousand dollar leather pants, on an electric scooter, smoking an electric cigarette. It just doesn’t seem like a pastor at all,’ he said.

‘I always found he kind of put out this manipulative, almost grooming vibe.’

He said Lentz repeatedly tried to recruit him to the church – which counts famous followers including Justin Bieber among its congregation – and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

‘There was always a group of celebrities and model-looking type people, all wearing expensive black clothes, hanging in the lobby of this building trying to get people to come in,’ he said.

‘I remember him with a blonder, taller guy. And he had that guy stand next to me in the elevator and say, ‘Why don’t you come to our church?’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m just not interested, I have my own beliefs that are working for me, but thanks’.

Hillsong, which describes itself as a ‘contemporary Christian church’, is a global mega-church that was first founded by Pastor Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie in Australia in 1983. It was originally known as the Hills Christian Life Centre.

The church was originally part of the Australian Christian Churches group, however it left the organization in 2018 in order to become an autonomous denomination.

At the time, Houston cited a desire to branch out internationally and become more contemporary as being behind the decision.

The mega-church now boasts locations in 21 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Indonesia, and Israel. It has 28 locations across Australia in places like New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania.

According to Hillsong’s website, the church boasts an ‘average global attendance’ of 150,000 every week – however this number has likely been altered, and perhaps increased, as a result of the church moving its services online amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to Hillsong Church, founder Houston has also launched several sister companies, including three record labels, a film and TV network, and an international training college, Hillsong International Leadership College, which is located in Sydney.

‘And he replied, ‘Don’t you know who this is? This guy has changed so many people’s lives. You’re really wasting an opportunity.’

‘And they really tried to make me feel guilty for being ungrateful.’

Martin said there was ‘at least a dozen times’ where Lentz or one of his followers tried to persuade him to join as he said the church was like ‘an addiction’ to Lentz’s followers.

‘Other times girls would show up at the building in tears because they couldn’t find where the latest service was taking place – they would move around a lot at that time. It was almost like an addiction for these people,’ he said.

He also cited other unusual behavior including a time when, after a few month break from walking the family’s dog, he picked up the dog to find it was a ‘new one that looked similar’.

Martin said he was told it was the same dog but that he is convinced it wasn’t.

Martin said he was breaking his silence now after numerous other allegations of sex scandals have emerged about Lentz.

‘I always had a weird vibe about him and then after I heard the allegations against him and watched videos of him it started to hi
t me that maybe I need to come forward with this story to help other people who might have had similar experiences,’ he said.

‘I feel like the story here is that Carl Lentz is a super manipulative man, who puts out this sex vibe thats inappropriate for a pastor, and who has celebrities and young people hanging off his arm and listening to his every word.

‘The church has a policy against sex outside of marriage.

‘So he’s telling people how they should live their life, but doing whatever he wants in his own life.’

Lentz’s fall from grace began back on November 4 when he was fired from Hillsong Church and he admitted on social media the next day that he had cheated on his wife.

His mistress Ranin spoke out revealing details of their  five-month affair which began in May in Domino Park, Williamsburg, when he offered her his socially distanced circle on the grass.

Ranin, 34, first denied knowing he was married but then in another interview said she Googled him after their first meeting and found out.

She said she ‘wasn’t there for just sex’ and said they had a ‘deep, special connection with each other’ in an interview with The Sun on November 8.

Ranin said Laura – and other members of Hillsong – found out about their affair when they saw his iCloud messages to her on a computer.

A number of other alleged scandals have been unearthed since.

In an audio recording of a meeting of church executives and top donors held around November 19 and obtained by DailyMail.com earlier this month, Church founder Houston said Lentz had ‘more than one affair’.

‘It was more than one affair, they were significant. And at least some bad moral behavior had gone back historically, but not necessarily those affairs,’ Houston said in the recording.

Sources also told DailyMail.com this month that senior church members were warned of Lentz’s ‘inappropriate sexual behavior’ over three years ago.

According to one insider, in July 2017 a Hillsong member emailed one of the church’s directors alleging that some Hillsong leaders were texting nude photos to female volunteers.

The insider also said Lentz was accused of making one volunteer ‘extremely uncomfortable’ after he ‘acted inappropriately’, was ‘extremely flirtatious’, and that he was ‘involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with different women.’

Lentz first began working with Hillsong in Australia after relocating there from Los Angeles, where he spent time studying at The King’s College and Seminary.

He and Laura met as students at the training college and worked their way up through the ranks, moving to New York City in 2010 to set up the Big Apple branch and largely being credited for drawing in its famous worshippers.

Lentz preached to the likes of Bieber, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and several NBA stars including Carmelo Anthony, David Lee, Kevin Durant, and Jeremy Lin.

It was his close relationship with Bieber that gained him the most notoriety, particularly after it was revealed that the popstar had been baptized by the pastor in 2014, and even moved in with Lentz and Laura for six weeks in the same year.

Following their ousting from the church, the Lentzs have moved with their three children to LA, selling off their $1.5 million home in Montclair, New Jersey and renting a beach hideaway for $16k a month as they are said to be rebuilding their relationship.