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Cardinal Pell Wiki: George Pell  born 8 June 1941. He is an Australian prelate of the Catholic Church. He became the inaugural Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy in 2014. Cardinal Pell previously served as the eighth Archbishop of Sydney (2001–2014), the seventh Archbishop of Melbourne (1996–2001), and Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne (1987–1996). He has created a cardinal in 2003. Ordained in 1966, Cardinal Pell has also been an author, columnist, public speaker and sportsman, having been signed by the Richmond Football Club, an Australian rules football team, in 1959. Since becoming Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996, Cardinal Pell has maintained a high public profile on a wide range of issues, while retaining a strict adherence to Catholic orthodoxy.

Cardinal Pell Early life and education

Cardinal Pell was born 8 June 1941 in Ballarat, Victoria, to George Arthur and Margaret Lillian (née Burke) Pell. His father, a non-practising Anglican whose ancestors were from Leicestershire in England, was a heavyweight boxing champion; his mother was a devout Catholic of Irish descent. During World War II, his father served in the Australian Defence Force. His sister, Margaret, became a violinist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. As a child, Cardinal Pell underwent 24 operations to remove an abscess in his throat.

Cardinal Pell received his early education at Loreto Convent and later at St Patrick’s College, where Cardinal matriculated. Both schools are in his native Ballarat. At St Patrick’s, Cardinal George Pell played as a ruckman on the first XVIII from 1956 to 1959. He even signed to play with the Richmond Football Club. However, his ambitions later turned to the priesthood. Speaking of his decision to become a priest, Cardinal Pell once said, “To put it crudely, I feared and suspected and eventually became convinced that God wanted me to do His work, and I was never able to successfully escape that conviction.”

In 1960, Cardinal Pell began his priestly studies at Corpus Christi College, then located in Werribee. One of his fellow seminarians at Corpus Christi was Denis Hart, Cardinal George Pell‘s future successor as Archbishop of Melbourne. Cardinal Pell continued to play football and served as class prefect in his second and third years. In 1963, he was assigned to continue his studies at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome.  Cardinal Pell was ordained to the diaconate on 15 August 1966.

Cardinal Pell Child Sexual Abuse

Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s third highest ranking official, was found guilty of sexually abusing two choir boys in the late 90s.

Cardinal was convicted by a jury in Australia after a jury deliberated for three days, the Daily Beast reports.

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