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Cara Hales Wiki – Cara Hales Biography

A 30-year-old woman desperately sought help over the phone before an intruder stabbed her 58 times to death.


Cara Hales was alone in his bedroom when the alleged 23-year-old murderer Jesse de Beaux broke into his home in Munster, south Perth, around noon on December 28, 2018.


De Beaux is currently on trial for murder at the WA Supreme Court, where state prosecutor Paul Usher read a statement about the agreed facts about Ms. Hales’s last phone call on Monday.


According to The West’s report, the court called his housemate after hearing that an intruder had broken the window and entered the house at 11:50 pm.


According to the police’s claim, she told her roommate Ms. Hales to knock on the bedroom door and make noise to scare the attacker.


Ms. Hales later said in another phone call with her roommate at 11:54 pm ‘there is someone in the kitchen’.


The housemate, who was still on the line, heard the bedroom door open and Mrs. Hales asked, ‘what’s going on?’ He heard what he said. something that followed like a fight.


Also her ‘Help!’ He heard what he said. and calls out his name during the alleged attack.


Neighbors were worried and told the police that they heard “a loud female voice arguing” followed by a “high-pitched hysterical scream” and a man saying “curse.”


Allegedly, his roommate’s brother and girlfriend later came home to find Ms. Hales’ body lying on a bloody knife in her bed.


Police alleged that they found a metal post near the broken window, a pair of jeans and a white shirt in the bathroom, and wet footprints from the bathroom to the back porch.


State attorney Paul Usher alleged that De Beaux broke the windshield to enter the house and took a knife in the kitchen before Ms. Hales went to her bedroom, where she stabbed her repeatedly.


Hales suffered more than 40 penetrating stab wounds and 18 superficial wounds on his chest, neck, and arms.


The wounds injured his lungs, spleen, and great veins in his left arm, ultimately resulting in death.


Police found De Beaux naked in a toilet block in Cockburn Cement before arresting her.


De Beaux took a blood test the day after his arrest, but with negative results for drugs and alcohol.


Upon the death of 23-year-old Ms. Hales, she was charged with murder but pleaded not guilty to the WA Supreme Court on Monday.


He claims to be in a state of psychosis and does not recall any of the alleged attacks being released from the Graylands Hospital mental health facility the day before.


“I remember being dizzy that day and then being arrested in the toilet,” De Beaux said, according to ABC News.


De Beaux’s case is seen by a judge sitting without a jury. The trial continues.