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Candace Muzny (Nail Salon Suspect) Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Candace Muzny

Candace Muzny Bio

Candace Muzny is a former NASCAR race car driver with a once-promising career who is accused of hitting a Vietnamese nail salon worker in the face because the nail tech didn’t speak English during her pedicure. The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma woman is also accused of assaulting a police officer by slashing his ear with a pocket knife during an out-of-control incident in which her dog also tugged on the officer’s boot, according to a police report.

Muzny was acting odd before becoming “aggressive” during the pedicure, employee Tiffany Nguyen told the outlet.

Candace Muzny Age

She is 43 years old

Candace Muzny Accused Attack

Muzny is accused of aggravated assault, a felony, among other possible charges. In an interview with Heavy.com, Muzny denied the account given by the nail salon tech, police officer, and a witness, saying it wasn’t true (the police report says the officer had a body cam activated.

Nail Salon suspect Candace Nicole Muzny

Nail salon suspect Candace is the same Candace Muzny who was a race car driver through a variety of means, including an interview with the victim and with Muzny herself. Heavy.com spoke briefly with Candace’s mother at the family towing business about the nail salon incident; she didn’t want to speak publicly, but she said she would ask Muzny if she wanted to give her side.

Candace Muzny Arrested

in Oklahoma was arrested on Sunday after police say she attacked a nail salon employee who wasn’t speaking English.

The nail salon in Oklahoma City was just about to close when Candace Muzny, 43, a regular at the establishment, walked in for a mani-pedi.


Police say Muzny continued to yell and cuss at Nguyen before pulling out a black pocket knife and “waiving it around Nguyen’s face and neck,” the affidavit says. Many also told Nguyen she was going to kill her family before punching her in the face, police say.

Candace Muzny Facebook

On her Facebook page, Muzny describes herself as a “women (sic) on a mission to change the world. I believe that everyone is capable of living the life of their dreams, but all to often we chose to settle for what life gives us versus going after what we really want. My life’s goal is to help each person realize their full potential, by discovering what they really want in life and then getting out of their own way.”

Although many of Candace’s social media posts are glamorous photos of her, she often gets political. She made it clear she supports President Donald Trump: