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Brutally Beating to Death, Puppy Killer Jailed: Callum Gerken Biography, Wiki, Age, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Callum Gerken Biography

According to anonews 27-year-old, Callum Gerken killed the poor animal because it was not yet potty trained and went to the bathroom on his floor.
Callum Gerken Biography

Puppy Name and Death Cause

The young dog, named a shadow, was beaten mercilessly by Gerken, who then sent disturbing messages to the dog’s owner.A photo was taken of the young puppy before it was savagely beaten and killed by Callum Gerken.

Callum Gerken Biography

As a result of the beating, Shadow suffered from a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw, and multiple fractured ribs.
“I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other,” Gerken said in a text message to the owner.

I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other. I don’t give an f***. That is how it will be with me. She ain’t gonna do that again because she cannot f***ing walk,” he said in another message.

Callum Gerken, the 27-year-old attacker that brutally murdered a small puppy for defecating on the floor.

Callum Gerken Biography

In an interview with the Oxford Mail, the owner said that the dog was loved by her family.
The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “I was there when she was born and I watched her grow up and learn to walk and run. She didn’t know anything else but love.”

“They had only had her five weeks and they all absolutely adored her and he comes along and beats her to death,” she said.
When the owner began receiving the horrifying text messages, she immediately called the police.
When the police arrived on the scene, they found the dog in critical condition in the suspect’s house.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Shadow, 17 weeks, suffered a liver laceration, broken jaw and fractured ribs
  • Her owner Callum Gerken, 27, has now been jailed for the vicious attack
  • In an angry voice message to the dog’s owner, Gerken said, ‘I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other’
  • Gerken, of Woodfarm in Oxford, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal

Callum Gerken Biography