Who is Surfer Killed In Northern California Shark Attack – California Surfer Killed by Shark

Surfer Killed In Northern California Shark Attack

A 26-year-old man was surfing in the Santa Cruz area Saturday, around Monterey Bay, when the attack occurred. As for what type of shark … so far, authorities don’t know, saying it was an “unknown shark species.”
California beach has been abruptly closed, but not because of coronavirus … it’s because a surfer was killed by a shark.

California surfer killed by a shark

The surfer was pronounced dead on the scene.
Authorities immediately closed a 1-mile stretch of beach for at least 5 days. They will presumably monitor shark activity in the area before reopening. Interestingly, officials are not banning water sports — like jet skiing or kayaking — but they are “highly discouraged.”
A photog for KRON-TV in the Bay Area says he’s been seeing lots of great whites swimming near shore. On the day of the attack, he says he spotted 15 great whites while boating.
There’s a reality here, folks. Sharks are everywhere in the ocean, and the risk of being attacked is extremely low. Nevertheless, it happens, but it has never deterred surfers, even in areas with high concentrations of sharks.

Manresa state beach California

The attack occurred while the man was surfing off Manresa State Beach in Santa Cruz County, KTLA 5 reported. He was surfing on the north end of Monterey Bay, California State Parks said in a statement.

California surfer shark attack

The man was attacked off Sand Dollar Beach at Manresa State Beach. You can see a map shared by Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office of where the attack occurred below. When the first call came in, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office noted on Facebook: “State Parks is responding to a shark bite at Sand Dollar Beach in Santa Cruz County. Please avoid area and water. All press inquiries and questions should be directed to State Parks.”
First responders told NBC Bay Area that there were two other surfers in the water when the attack occurred. The flyer below, shared by Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, was also seen on the beach near the attack.
Gabe McKenna, public safety superintendent, told Santa Cruz Sentinel that the attack happened one mile south of Manresa State Beach’s main parking lot. A citizen notified a lifeguard on patrol about the attack, and the water was cleared one mile north and south. The beach will be closed through Wednesday.
A drone photographer had been observing dozens of great white sharks in the area, but said that none showed signs of predatory behavior, AP reported. Eric Mailander told KRON 4 that he counted 15 sharks while on his boat on Saturday morning. You can see drone footage of sharks swimming in the area a couple of days before the attack below.
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The day before the attack, KSBW8 reported that great white sharks had returned to what is known as “shark park” off New Brighton, Seacliff and Manresa State Park beaches.